Tuesday, January 27, 2009

#505: rainbow on acid.

when i shared what my bm dresses looked like, way back when, someone commented that they looked like rainbow on acid. i think it was meant as an insult. but i liked that description a lot. did i already share this with you? i don't remember.

anyways. i'm having commitment issues right now about the garland thing. who's not surprised? (i'm totally waving my arms around. you just can't see.)

ceremony space:

i was set on these. natural, frilly, muted, calm, soft, cheap, time consuming.

but i just saw these. funky, sparkly, colorful (in a rainbow on acid kind of way), wild, not-as-cheap, DIY-not-required.

and now i'm on the fence. frilly or funky, frilly or funky. or bare? grrr.


a real (im) conversation.

me: so do you trust my vision for the decorations for our wedding? do you want to be included in the decision? or do you just want me to share.

him: just share. i trust you like i trust your banging outfits.

me: i'm thinking of hanging these off the chandeliers. during our ceremony. and your immediate reaction is __________....

him: holy crap that's cool. do you make these? or buy them? these look cool. can you put the branches into different shapes?

me: REALLY? that's so cool. i would have to buy them. i thought you were going to say i'm crazy or something.


i never realized we say 'cool' so much. hm.


Nicole said...

Cool!! I like those

Never teh Bride said...

Gah, I wish The Beard had been so interested and involved in our wedding. I'd try running ideas by him, and he just didn't seem to care one way or the other. Even after he said over and over that he wanted to choose the menswear, he ended up asking me for suggestions!

Brenn said...

Where is the Garland going to be? Is one more noticeable than the other? Can you use both? Maybe not together but in two different parts of your venue?

Liz said...


ps - love your im convo...too cute.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for putting a centerpiece-related comment here but here goes:
Check out cb2 online store for this cool vase. Cool, cheap, resellable, reusable:
$2.95 each plus a few extra stems from Trader Joe's. An easy back-up plan in case the DIY decor doesn't come together....x

Katherine said...

What about if you dyed the frilly garland rainbow on acid colours? If it comes down to saving money, anyway.

I really like the blue branch things, though.

Lindel said...

I have been following your blog but have forgotten what colour scheme you are aiming for. When you said you liked the 'rainbow on acid' thing and your venue had no natural light I immediately thought of this wedding at Style me Pretty.


There is also a super sweet DIY garland post up there from last week. Looks easy and very customizable.

I guess it all depends on how much more expensive those other garlands are, and therefore if it is worth the cost for some DIY relief (plus bonus points for fiance digging the idea). You could mimmic the look with some coloured/clear plastic/glass beads even pulling apart one of those beaded door curtain things, interspersing it with some more fancy beads and a bit of thin wire to give some structure if needs be.

I know you said you couldn't be bothered with candles, but they do hide a multiple of (diy) sins and create a warm, inviting and romantic atmosphere (especially if there is no natural light), plus they could reflect light and colour especially with your rock candy centerpieces.

Meg said...

Dude. Get them, done, Tranny Fierce. Match your invites, more you, much cooler, no DIY, your fiancé trusts you, he clearly knows what's up.

What is there to think about?

So, that's done. Yay, next? Oh right, finding you some awesome bright kick ass cheap centerpieces. Let's get on that.

Did I mention they were more you? They are. Love it.

Brittany said...

I don't think the feel of the blue garland matches the feel of the venue at all, honestly. Venue looks pretty traditional, not to mention the old world green paint, and the blue garland just doesn't fit in, imo. Besides, would it stand out against such a dark back drop? I'd personally hate to spend extra money and it not be noticeable in the end. All of that said, and it's what everyone keeps telling me, you should do what you want to do and not what everyone else thinks you should do.

Bridechka said...

Your convo was really cute! I like the frilly ones but the other ones are kind of great too .. now I have been as least helpful as possible.

Vanessa said...

Now I have to go back and find your BM dresses so that I know what rainbow on acid looks like.

I really like the blue garland it'll spice up the traditional look. Who cares if it doesn't really "match" I think it reflects your personality. From what I've come to know about you through this blog you dont seem like the muted traditional type. Plus the garlands will save you way more time! And I am also one to spend a little more if it means I have more time to do other wedding things.

mine, by magpie said...

awesome! don't you love it when you get the unconditional green light??

Anonymous said...

I like the blue, but I think the natural colours would suit the vintage feel of the venue. Where did you find the blue things?

Eliza said...

Second garland totally works better with the venue. For me it's now a tossup between new garland and nothing.

shannon said...

that's gorgeous! beautiful work!

Ten Thousand Only said...

mother effer. save-on-crafts ran out of those branches.

JHRME said...

You can make them. Did something really similar for my boyfriends cousins wedding. Hers were circular and that made for a lot of wire twisting and sore fingers. If you do straight ones though, theres a trick:
Take the two wires you're twisting, string on the beads, and put the ends of the wires in the drill bit input of an electric drill. You'll get a nice tight wire twist AND you'll save your fingers!