Tuesday, January 27, 2009

#504: twitter update.

eh. i would twitter for real, especially because i think i signed up for it. but i don't know how and at this point, i can't be bothered.

i'm browsing the nets this morning to figure out this centerpiece thing and for additional inspiration. and thank GAW for online shopping. because i can't seem to find any time during the week to do anything craftlicious. like even go to the craft store. am i effed?

anyways, today, i'll be looking through the sale pages of ikea, michael's, joann's, jamali garden (which i found through frolic!), and z gallerie. any other suggestions?

p.s. i have nothing against candles (in fact, i love them) but i will not be using any. i think it has something to do with the hassle of lighting them. sure, it won't be me who does it...but i don't want someone else to have to do it either.

also, a LOT, if not most, of the DIY centerpieces out there somewhere seem to be for outdoorsy weddings. or wedding receptions with lots of sunlight. our venue has zero sunlight. like none. so. i guess best of luck to me.

p.p.s. it was so cold this morning that my eyeballs steamed up my sunglasses. no joke.


Nicole said...

I wanted to tell you about my centerpieces which involved candles but may inspire your search anyway--

I wrote about them here:

They were originally from Z Gallerie, I have no idea when or for how much.

I bought them from someone who used them in her wedding. She was the second user. I kept 3 and sold the rest to another bride for use in her wedding.

I bought them for $15 and sold them for $15 (they were no worse for wear, and cleaner than when I got them). In the end our centerpieces cost nothing but the cost of the candles burned.

So... point being: If you find something like this and it feels like more than you want to spend, consider reselling. There are lots of us budget-minded folks out there, and reselling nice centerpieces just takes a quick Craigslist post.

Just a thought for you :-)

Nicole said...

Haha, sorry, that was really long...

Alison said...

First, let me just say that I recently found your blog and I love it. And I love your attitude. Like not in a 'tude way.. just I like the way you think.

ANYway.. so. Since I just recently started reading it and don't have time to go through all 504 posts, maybe this is completely the wrong direction. BUT.. I like trees.. and deer.. so what I'm doing for my centerpieces (hopefully.. haha) is I'm going to have 3 pieces of birch of different sizes (height and width) and put moss on the top with little plastic deer, and maybe some little birch branches/sticks. And maybe some flowers around the base of the birch. I'm not sure if there are birch tress where you are, but apparently you can pull tubes of the bark off dead tress, since the wood rots out way faster than the bark does. So I might even just use the bark if I can find that. And that works with no sunlight.. or at least I hope it will, since my wedding is also going to be indoors.

So yeah.. that may not be at all what you want. But it's what I'm doing and I'm hoping it'll be cheap. Hopefully.

And agreed with the candles - also most places won't let you have candles anyway.

Also, Twitter is easy - you just write what you're doing.. like I could put "commenting on a $10,000 wedding blog" and even link it or whatever.. it's like a facebook status.. but dedicated (i.e. that's ALL it does) and only 140 characters.

Alison said...

And Nicole thought hers was long.. haha

Anonymous said...


What about doing something like a potted plant? I recently ordered somewhere around 30-35 potted miniature roses for a reception. I think it cost with a cute basket somewhere around $5-$6 a piece (Cambridge, MA). I ordered them from a local florist and they kept them (alive) until the day of the reception for me. Also, I think Trader Joe's was selling similar potted roses at the time (for about the same price) that could be ordered, though the potted orchids that are in my local Trader Joe's now are would be lovely centerpieces too! Best of luck!

talda said...

ooh twitter is so addicting. i was hesitant to start and now i can't stop. lol, but yeah, it's super easy but can get a bit crazy with updates. especially if you link it to your phone like i did. oooh tweets on the go!

i hear good things about save-on-crafts.com and procuring smaller items/pieces from dollartreedirect.com. have you tried there?

Ten Thousand Only said...

nicole: i dig long helpful comments. and btw, i just did a quick thingamajig on craigslist and emailed someone about used manzanita trees.

alison: your centerpiece sounds naturific and wonderful. i think the best centerpieces are the ones that incorporate the 'personal touch'. that's what he said. anyways, i'm in l.a. so unfortunately, i don't have any birch to pick. unless i were to go hiking. which i never do.

anonymous: i think you just gave me my plan b. awesome.

talda: i love you for the save-on-crafts suggestions. i found lots of goodies. lots.

and you thought your comments were long.

Stephanie Lyn said...

p.p.s LOL. I hate it when that happens

Emily said...

Me <3 your blog for realzes. It's refreshing to hear from women who like the details but aren't into the whole "princess" fairytale wedding thing... which is just so... blaghah.

Although I haven't planned the specifics out yet, I know I will be doing branchy-earthy and maybe-mossy natural-looking centerpieces.

I looooooove love love this site for inspiration:

I swear, I don't work for them :) I just really like their branches and natural accessories - they have everything from dried pods and fruits to grasses, to unusual dried flowers and my personal favorite... BRANCHES GALORE.

I think it would be cool to do DIY branchy centerpieces with some funky weird dried flowers or pods at the base. Maybe tie in some fresh flowers, too, to go with your bouquet.

Have fun! :D

Alison said...

@Emily - my productivity at work just plummeted with that link! It's right up my alley (as if you couldn't tell with my centerpiece idea haha)

Nicole said...

I did a lot of poking around on the Nettleton Hollow site when I was planning-- one caution: keep an eye on shipping prices and time estimates. Often the shipping costs were very high. It's a fantastic place for ideas though-- check out their blog for lots of photos of things people have made with their products.

The Storyteller said...

Have you been to French General? I keep meaning to stop by, but have no idea exactly what they sell. Am under the impression that there's goodness to be had.


Anonymous said...

So glad to help especially considering how much your blog has helped my boyfriend and I with our wedding planning (hopefully, summer 2010!).

brooke @ claremont road said...

These may not inspire you at all, but I thought they were cute (and inexpensive, to boot) and wanted to share them nonetheless:


I found them via http://elseachelsea.typepad.com/frolic/

Happy centerpiece-ing :-)

jenifriend said...

i understand your aversion to candles...i am exactly the same way. i was initially going to use fresh herbs but they began to actually get pricier than flowers. i also wanted to avoid the 'woodsy' look because it's not the feeling we're trying to evoke through the decorations. i googled 'centerpiece ideas' and there were thousands of ideas in the images section. i can't wait to see what you come up with!

Jess said...

Love your blog :)
I'm not even allowed to have candles at my site, so it puts it out of the question for me too! I'm looking forward to what you find, hopefully you'll inspire something for me because right now I'm on idea/visual overload!