Thursday, January 15, 2009

#480: m.f.

IF i go through with the list of DIY projects i've created for myself, i will most certainly wear this button loud and proud.

rar rar press via the scoop.

p.s. the DIY list:
1) centerpieces
2) the bouts
3) my bouquet
4) garland
5) makeup and hair


Joanna Goddard said...

ha! that is awesome!

Ashley Rose Photography said...
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Ashley Rose Photography said...

Umm I must have that button!!!! :)

melissa said...

HA! I saw this on the SCOOP the other day and want one sooooo bad.

Vancouver Bride said...

haha. that's fabulous!
i love that you're rocking so many DIY projects... i'm planning to do a lot myself too and am constantly finding inspiration on your blog - thanks!

Jenny.Lee said...

haha love it!

The Mrs. said...

LOVE the button! {and} good for you for being so crafty! :)

Enna said...

Lol love it!

talda said...

that is so cute! i actually wanted to get the ones that said "i'd rather be smooching my crafty wife" and "i'd rather be smooching my nerdy husband" for me and my guy [who actually approved of them!] but alas they were sold out.