Thursday, March 26, 2009

#602: shoot.

i'm already in the middle of constructing my centerpieces. and i've repeatedly said i don't want to use candles.

but dang.

i need to host a party of some kind so i have an excuse to create these lovelies.

complete instructions over at once wed.

p.s. i said dang. what.


talda said...

i like those. maybe worthy of a change in mind tto?

and no worries, my sister says dang all the time. and she's got a potty mouth.

see, i said potty mouth. i think that'll distract from the "dang" usage? ha

Stephanie Lyn said...

maybe you can incorporate these into your ceremony decorations - your venue might have a little table for a unity candle- use it for these instead.

VinceandBrittany said...

I love those too.
I have to stop reading blogs or I'm going to rethink my entire wedding.

katie the lady said...

not that you need more ideas... but I thought of you when I saw this:

Lacey said...

You're right -- lovely!
My gramma's doillies got nothing on these!
I had thought about using these somehow in my centerpieces, but couldn't get past my gramma-vision. These are much more shabby chic.
Thanks for the post!

AmyJean said...

Very pretty! :)

The Perfect Palette said...

very cute. dang!!

lesbo said...

those are so simple, yet classy.
love it!
definitely worth taking back your 'i'm not using candles' statement ;)

Anonymous said...

How about having a candlelit dinner to celebrate Earth Hour tomorrow (

The Perfect Pear l.l.c. - Jeremiah K said...

are they scented! mmm smells good!

bridal registry said...

I really like this design with the candles. Its always nice to have a warm, comforting & relaxing reception especially if it feels like a spa.