Tuesday, March 10, 2009

#575: haiku it is.

we'll be printing something like this i think.

this upcoming may
boy and girl say their i do's
prime rib to follow

(unless you want chicken or veggies.
in which case, please let us know in your response.)

so. what do you think?

i double dog dare you to come up with another one for us to use.


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

I had a friend in college that could come up with a haiku off the top of her head!!! I was always really bad at it...

I think yours sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Love is cool, and thus
This May, we say our i do's
prime rib to follow

a mindful bride said...

celebrate with us
chicken, veggies, or prime rib
as we wed in may

Kristen said...

Love the haiku but make sure that if you use the term "I dos" that you don't put an apostrophe as it's a plural, not a possessive. :)

Alison said...

In beautiful May
Prime rib, chicken or veggie
After we get hitched

Nicole said...

regardless of choosing your own, or the beautiful suggestions, haiku is such a fun idea!

lesbo said...

how cute is this!
love it and all the other suggestions :)

You may call me Jo. said...

Haiku's win.

Shanna Choung said...

how about:

in the warmth of may
our love we will celebrate
prime rib to follow

I just tried to romance up the first two lines a little more. The reason I don't like some of the ones in the comments is because the first two lines of a haiku are intended to go together and the last line should be more of an unexpected twist. I really like the "prime rib to follow" line so I re-used it.

Bridechka said...

Your haiku rocks.

Anonymous said...

You should add in something symbolizing a season to make it a true haiku!

jenifriend said...

may showers pour love
as we unite our two hearts
and eat yum yum food

or you could do the last line with "prime rib to follow"

good luck with your decision making!

Anonymous said...

Mark it down: this May
We're goin' to the chapel
Hope you like prime rib.

Ha, kind of random...I can definitely relate to the outdoing each other with haikus; we may have to borrow this idea!

un-bride said...

"Nuptuals ahead ...
All who'll attend (/meat/fish/foul)
Send us happy thoughts!"

okay, that kinda sucks. but I <3 the idea!

Wedding Guru said...

Good to see literary types on these Wedding blogs.

Lillian said...

In May, we will wed
One rib took to complete Man
thus, prime we will eat

Anonymous said...

May: new door to life
There to welcome all of us,
Some big hunks of meat

Jeremiah K - The Perfect Pear l.l.c. said...

excellent, you must choose your own! printing style! its your wedding dont forget!


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