Wednesday, March 11, 2009

#578: printable press.


meet kimi. (hi kimi!)

you might remember her from her amazing dress or her overall badassness.

and if you hadn't guessed by now, her background is graphic design. and these are the invitations she created for her own wedding.

that kind of talent = i don't have it. which makes me think...not everyone does. and the ever practical meg (who, as you know, exudes general badassness as well) was just as bowled over by kimi's STUFF.

because it was obvious to us. that kimi's totally got it.

the heart, the patience, the mind, LE GIFT.

and actually, we're not the only ones who noticed. once kimi's talent was showcased, it became the most popular kid in school. she started getting requests for her designs from friends and then friends of friends...and then friends of friends of friends. because really, who doesn't like to impress for less (and impress she does)? and really (in my opinion), what's the point of a gift if it can't be shared?

thus became the idea behind her ideas. why not make her designs affordable and available to everyone.

the answer: printable press. she provides the design and you print as you like.

*pricing guide
*paper sources

i can go on and on about how special this launch is (because it really is), to try to express all the fuzzies i feel about how she's taking the leap into starting her own business (THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US), and how proud i am that such sensible and fabulous options like printable press are becoming more and more available to all of us.

but i won't.

let me just show you the why.

all designs available at printable press.

i know. i have a feeling i'll be her cheerleader forever.


Jennifer said...

Oh god! I am so excited about this!!!
Her dress that she made is all time one of my most favorite dresses (wedding or not) that I have ever seen!

I am so excited about this launch! yey!

Meg said...

Me too (cheerleader forever). Me too.

east side bride said...

I like em. But I still like the invites she did for her own wedding better. More personal somehow?

Ten Thousand Only said...

she does custom, yo.

Stephanie Lyn said...

Being a graphic artist myself, I can always appreciate raw talent & creativity (this is tough stuff). Her designs are romantic, whimsical & forward thinking.

Thanks for sharing the love!

Meg said...

She totally does custom. And I bet she's fast. Girlfriend's creativity knows no bounds. I suggested something to her as "something she might want to think about doing sometime." And swear to god, a few hours later she emailed me that she had FIVE designs along the lines of what I was talking about online. WHAT?

So yeah. If you want that personal richness, totally get in line.

WAIT! I want to see some Kimi Baby Announcments. Baby announcements for babies that are not wusses. (I'm not having wussy babies).

Teresa said...

Honestly... they're really effing great.

amy said...

Aaahhh, I am going to have a wedding or party or shindig just so I can get one of each of these designs. I love!!! And, am so thrilled for her ... thank you to Kimi for doing this & thanks to you and meg for inspiring us once again.

Jenna said...

love this

talda said...

these are so lovely! now i want to change my mind on how invites will look. i'm so glad i'm not engaged and planning for real. i still have a chance to change my mind!

would it be greedy to want them all?

marry me! said...

i love the butterfly one! actually i love all of them! love your blog!

sera said...

you're my hero.

august15bride said...

Oh I love that first invite with the strings of lights. Beautiful!

The Perfect Pear l.l.c. said...

she's beautiful :D
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