Thursday, March 19, 2009

#590: gadgetry.

i'm not a fan of gadgets. i have one of those free phones from verizon and even though the fiance keeps bugging me to upgrade to a bberry, i. will. not. because all i need are the basics.

and it's not often that i see something gadget-y and want. it.

but i saw this on 2000 dollar wedding today and kind of wanted to reach into my computer screen and start taking pictures with my free verizon phone.

polaroid pogo.

digital? instant? what? so cool.

p.s. i dig how she gathered photos from her guests.


Linda said...

Only 15 pictures per battery charge. Would be cool, but if you were doing it for a photobooth it might be really slow. Cool idea though.

Alison said...

I'm doing extensive research into this right now! We're doing a photo-booth style guest-book so this is PERFECT - they can stick the photo in a book and still write their well-wishes!

It's only $100 too! Comes with one pack of photo-paper.. not sure how many photos there are in that. I'm hoping there's a plug-in option because of the battery lameness that Linda mentioned. And I wonder how much the paper costs.. probably a lot considering the ink's all in the paper. Still though.. I'm so pumped on this idea!

Alison said...

Update: for a 30 pack of the paper it's about $15..

Also, don't be fooled by the Urban Outfitters listing.. right now it looks like it's only $25, but it's actually $100, and since it's out of stock it's messed up and showing the price of the car charger. Tricky.

Also, I'm far too excited about this.

Jennifer said...

I own a PoGo Printer and it's fantastic!

What’s great about the printer is that there are albums available at that are specifically designed to fit PoGo prints!

I'm also really looking forward to buying the new PoGo Printer/Camera Combo which will be available later this year.

PS: $25 for a 30 sheet media pack? I bought mine from Adesso for only $12.99. The printer was only $99...

Bridechka said...

This is pretty cool, gonna have to check it out.

Julia said...

we have one of those a work - it's ok, but to be honest I'm not raving. The colour quality is not amazing - though it is pretty nifty!
the photopaper comes in packs of 30 There is a plug in option too

engagement101mag said...

I was wondering what was going to replace the Polaroid camera.

Surprise Wedding said...

I could not agree more! I'm so not a gadgets person, and like your fiance, mine kept putting on the pressure to get a blackberry. I finally caved, but at the end of the "buyer's remorse" period, I took it back. Way too much phone for me. I like my 5 year old flip-phone just fine, thank you very much.

But yeah, you're totally right. I've had my eye on the new polaroid for a few weeks and think it will be perfect for a photobooth style guest book.

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