Monday, March 16, 2009

#583: more.

things i did this weekend:
1) visit our venue.
2) check out the local park for our rehearsal picnic.
3) drop off my dress for alterations.
p.s. it fit.
p.p.s. barely.
4) address 50% of our envelopes.
5) eat a lot.

things to do this week:
1) make more flowers.
2) assemble all invitations.

oh. btw. question for you. because i can't figure out what to do.

our rsvp card isn't a return card. it includes a space for the # of guests and our email address for people to rsvp.

but at the very bottom, there are two blank lines, like this:



and i don't know what i'm supposed to write on there. i suppose it's up to me. but i'm stumped. should i say "please let us know if you prefer chicken or fish"? or "please include a song selection in your response!"? or should i mix it up for different guests?

eh? help.


Irishker said...

TTO - Flowers look AWESOME! I am totally loving them! On the response card - you should put both! Why not get their help and opinions! The song idea is a great one. Why not get their input on what they want to grooove to!

Lindsey said...

I agree! There is no reason you can't have both to get their input! The wedding (and response cards) are whatever YOU want and that's the beauty of it!=)

Stephanie Lyn said...

lol #3. I'm quickly learning that Spanx is the best invention ever!

NotQuiteaBride said...

ohhhhh I love love love the song suggestion idea!

Anonymous said...

Mix it up I say! Put a personal joke to a close friend, song request, anything to make your wedding more intimate for friends and family.

andrea said...

I think you can put what you want. If you mix it up that is great....but maybe do not use "chicken or fish" some may be confused about why there were not asked? Just a thought.

You may call me Jo. said...

Hi! Been following for a few weeks now. Marian from White Dress Mania

I'm thinking about asking guests to choose a song for the playlist. If you need to know ahead of time who prefers chicken vs. fish then I think having the food choice is a good one. No reason you can't put both.

Or a haiku. Nothing wrong a bit of poetry. Or maybe there's a quote that really resonates with the two of you? Or you could write a personal message for each guest, though if you're inviting a large number of people that may be more difficult to think of something individualized for each guest. Or perhaps you could put a small graphic? If you can take out the lines and put something else there.

The possibilities are endless!

laura said...

woah, you have been productive!
please send me some of your motivation

mimi said...

i'm sorry i don't know what you should write on those lines. but! i saw your post on organza flowers. (on guys or not, i reserve opinion) go downtown to the area by michael levine if you need fabric.

you can go to michael levine and there are stores near it even cheaper. it's all around maple ave and 9th street. i saw organza that was just as good as the stuff used at that gd monique lhullier place and it was cheeeap. inexpensive. and don't forget moskatel's for other supplies.

un-bride said...

write some of those ideas you had for the invite flap? random = everyone gets something a little different.

... or, just pretend they're "graphic design" elements.

Molly said...

I've seen a lot of weddings online where couples asked their guests to send them something, and then those things were put together for the wedding.

One bride had her guests send her little pieces of cloth, which she then made into a quilt that was used in the wedding ceremony. Or you could have everyone send you their favorite or most marriage-saving recipe and make a little book for yourself or everyone for party favors.

Unless you're totally DIYed out. :)

Chatterberries said...

Well like as what others suggesting here, why not try mixing it up, to make it more unique?

Engagement101 said...

If it was me, I'd write a haiku.

blushingjoy said...

The flowers look great!!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

I'll go the song option just so I don't have to worry who's meant to be getting chicken or fish at the wedding. :)

The Perfect Pear l.l.c. said...

great! list all the things that you've done and the list that you want to next.. that's a great idea!
you should do the proper things!
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