Tuesday, October 30, 2007

#208: mason calls out to me.

over and over again, i keep coming across these mismatched tinted jars with mismatched flowers. and i love it.

from daisy chain.


marquel said...

i'm doing something like this for my wedding...how funny. i bought some vintage medicine bottles from ebay a few months ago. i got 60 in a variety of sizes for about $80, including shipping; not too bad because they had to be shipped in two boxes and were pretty heavy. planning on grouping them and using them as centerpieces!!!

Never teh Bride said...

Wish I'd thought of that. The Beard and I have about a ton of mason jars because he has an obsession with saving them. I admit, I like drinking homemade iced tea from them on a summer's day, but they would have made cool vases are the reception. Plus, they're sturdy, so the gale force winds wouldn't have upset them.

elizabeth said...

Mason jars are an absolutely gorgeous way to dress up a wedding! My best friend recently had a $12,000 wedding and used mason jars all over the place to create a vintage feel She posted about her wedding over at our blog if you are interested.