Tuesday, October 9, 2007

#193: so fresh.

i went to the farmer's market this weekend and got coffee. what was out of the ordinary is that they had this set up of drip coffee for each individual cup. it was way cool. and it got me thinking. i love coffee. and so does the bf. we LOVE coffee.

i'm sure your local farmer's market features such a coffee vendor. what i would do (or what i should have done) is ask if they'd be willing to work a wedding for an hour or so. no big machines, no fancy gizmos...just their drip set up, their yummy coffee, and different milks and flavors. i'd be willing to pay for that kind of service as it would be my pleasure to get everyone caffeinated.

plus, 1 hour of no-machine no-nonsense coffee-making along with free advertising for a local vendor would be a rather economical (and fun!) option compared to a full-on coffee stand with tons of whirring and gadgety things...no?

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classic bride said...

oooooh ... if you find out, please post the details!! i'd love the same type of set-up!