Wednesday, October 10, 2007

#200: color blocks.

vintageous has some amazing wedding dress options. this dress is $195 and perfect for a 60's inspired wedding. and it could be your 'something old'. too bad it's already been sold, right?!

but hopefully it could serve as inspiration for black and white brides out there. those thin halter straps? to die for. and imagine the bms in very classy, simple, black velvet dresses.

i had found these beauts on the site before so i have to remember to keep checking back for new, or new to the site at least, dresses.

as an aside, i don't know why (um, could it be the cold weather as of late?) but i'm feeling very 'fall' and 'wintery'. i keep picturing a long-sleeved wedding dress, snow, velvet (that's why the mention above), deep dark green or blue or purple. and of course...yellow or rose gold...everywhere.


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Teana said...

figures all the dresses i like are either sold or too small in the bust. so not fair.