Thursday, November 1, 2007

#209: plants that don't wither.

back to back inspiration from daisy chain.

succulent la

i bet if you buy these not-so-leafy wonders at a nursery and plant them yourself in funky pots, you'd have a mightily sturdy and luscious green centerpiece. the best part being...leftovers would look stellar in a kitchen window or bathroom.


amber said...

you are so sweet! this company sounds pretty great, it deserved to be blogged about lots & lots!

Miss Artichoke said...

That's a great idea. I'm looking for different centerpieces that aren't just a bunch of flowers.

AE said...

They sell succulents at the 99cent store sometimes. You can buy a whole bunch and replant them in a different pot from the craft store or from Jamali Garden supplies and then you can still have a lovely centerpiece for under $10-20. You can research succulent arrangements to copy online or from magazines like Sunset. It would also be a lovely gift for some guests at the table if they don't live far. They can take them home or you can keep them for your home.