Tuesday, October 9, 2007

#198: i'm a man (er, i mean...) meateater.


Lawry’s Original Spinning Bowl Salad
Rolls and Butter
Roasted Prime Ribs of Beef (6 ounce cut)
Freshly Ground Coffee, Hot Tea, Iced Tea
Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream with Fresh Berries
*If you provide the wedding cake, we provide vanilla ice cream with berries. There is no cake cutting or serving fee.
$37 per person plus tax and 19% gratuity (add $6 for 10 ounce Lawry’s Cut)
Carvers: $50.00 each, 30 guests per carver

did i already cover Lawry's? well, it's just such a great deal. for some equally great food. granted, it'd have to be a daytime affair. but i was thinking...daytime makes sense. not everyone is going to want to deal with dancing and all the other things 'young'ish people think weddings are really for. so...a lunch banquet at lawry's with an afterparty to follow later in the evening after a little break...to accommodate the party people in your life (uh, ok, in my case, the bride too) wouldn't be ultra lame, right?...or would it?

your thoughts please!

edit: oh, i did talk about lawry's before!


Teana said...

nope. my college friends did that. morning ceremony, afternoon reception and then a break and the "young'ins" [there was only a handful of us] all reconvened for dinner and a trip to a piano bar. great times. especially since we didn't get much time to hang out with the bride and groom at the wedding itself.

even with an early evening reception i'm still holding out hope for an afterparty...at a bowling alley. i just have to tell the bf that. lol.

molly said...

I'm doing an evening reception because I wanted that all night feel, but I definitely see your point and think an afternoon reception would be lovely.

Monica Rae said...

I absolutely love that idea. I had my outdoor ceremony at high noon (so it was still formal) with a formal meal to follow at a gorgeous restaurant. We had a five-piece jazz band play all during dinner and then for a few hours afterward for some light dancing. I was originally planning a large after-party, but instead we spent three hours cruising the city with our photographer after our formal send-off.

We loved it, and many of our guests hailed it as the best wedding they had ever attended. I think they really enjoyed doing something different.

Bottom line: If having that fabulous dinner means an evening reception is out of the question, I say opt for the former. Quality is always a good choice.