Friday, October 12, 2007

#205: a registry question.

from more ways to waste time.

i love her site because she posts etsy and ebay-finds-of-the-day to kindly share all of her lovely discoveries. i swear it's like having your own personal shopper (when i can afford the things she finds, that is). and my goodness, that ice bucket + 5 glasses will only set you back $36 (+shipping)! eek! i want it and i want it bad.

and it got me thinking. i read on someone's blog long ago yonder about setting up a registry on etsy. how would you feel as a gift-giver if the couple was registered on etsy. would it be a hassle because you'd have to set up an account? would it be a hassle if you're uncomfortable buying online? i wonder.

i asked the bf if he'd be creeped out about getting 2nd-hand ware for our 'new home together' (ahem once we get engaged/married, that is) and he said no. score.

there are many benefits to registering on etsy, if the option even exists. first and foremost, you're directly supporting someone's business or hobby. i really dig that. second, you get to choose items that are unique, original and more "you" aka not cookie cutter crate-and-barrel.

granted, a lot of items i think i'd a cuisineart something something...or items that i should get silverware...will have to be from a crate-and-barrel or the like. which is fantastic. but placemats? accessories? glasses? plates? i think having my own set, a set no one else has, a set someone has scoured a fair for, a set someone took the time to craft with their own hands...would really be something special.

what do you think?


Teana said...

this would most likely be something your friends would be more apt to buy from, or at least people who are more comfortable buying things online. as long as you have options to suit everyone's buying style [online and in store] you should be fine.

Sarah Dennis said...

Not only have a lived in my own house for years, but as you know I'm a lover of tableware and kitchenware so I already have everything from china to Cuisinart!

I don't know about registering on Ebay but what I do is that I've decided to register with Ten Thousand Villages. I love their selection of quality, handcrafted items. They are a fair trade company with merchandise from all over the world. They're like PIER 1, but better in my opinion because they support local artisans. I love the fact that my registry will be giving back to the communities who make the products.

Check out my post today, maybe you'll get some ideas for future registry:

s'mee said...

How much do I love this idea? MUCH! I think you may be on to something here. Not only do you get specific things that are unique and perhaps one of a kind, but this speaks in a very green language. GO for it.

And just a hint. Several years ago my two best friends went in together and bought be a Kitchen Aid mixer that had been reconditioned. Meaning it had been purchased by someone, used, and then returned for whatever reason. I have never had any trouble, nothing from it. Here's the reveal: It saved them about 40% of the price. You would have never known from the packaging, it had a warranty as good and a new one came with 'extras'.

Just a thought.

l-bug said...

i love your blog, b/c it's exactly what i want (and i'm not engaged yet either, haha). but i saw this and i thought OMG OMG OMG i have to send it in -- jcrew! wedding dress! 225!!!

Pam said...

I love your site, I try to check it often!
Pamela DuVal
Professional Bridal Consultant
Promised Hearts Inc.

perfect bound said...

An Etsy registry would be such a breath of fresh air. I am so sick of scouring Bed Bath and Beyond for the same boring items.

jessica said...

Hi there. I just found this post by back reading your blog (im new to wedding blogging :) ). I just wrote a post yesterday about my own emotional/jaded views and exp. with registry. I think an etsy account is awesome, given some exceptions. First, if people see requests for jewelery and purses, it may not endear people to spend. But if you were requesting dishware and home items, it would be ideal to support handmade, local artisans - at least in my opinion.
However, a lot of people are older, and of an older generation, and they are going to run into trouble. I recently opened an etsy shop and right away BOOM three emails from people who wanted to buy but couldnt. Turns out that their email server blocked the incoming confirmation emails. It took two weeks to sort out. Then, the credit card info has to be put in EXACTLY the same each time, or it blocks the card as it did my mother's who did not think about that detail, and now she cannot use the site at all because its her only credit card (i called paypal and etsy and they have no solution). could be a hassle. Good luck.

Oh, and my post is on if you would like to read it

onesmallstar said...

etsy has a great registry post at this link -- with how-to and a review of different registry sites. i heart your blog!!