Thursday, October 11, 2007

#201: kermit is green.

jennifer tagged me to list my green ways.

first, thank you for caring enough to even tag me. i love this blog world. second, i'm embarrassed because i don't think i'm green enough. but you know what, to inspire is to perspire...or something like that. so these here are my baby steps to help the enviros.

1) i recycle bottles, cans, paper. well, i should mention that a big part of why i do it is because i'm co-habited with the bf and he is STRICT about this recycling business. but i also do it at the office. on my own. aaand, i reuse pretty bottles as vases. so...can i count this as one?

2) i never throw clothes or shoes away. it's all about goodwill.

3) i take public transpo 80% of the time. buses emit more...emissions?

and now to the fun part...of tagging others so i can be further inspired.

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Jennifer said...

I think those are some great "green" things to do! And taking public transportation is very earth friendly and responsible! Great job! Thanks for passing on the tag!

ready.2.spark said...

Thank you so much for keeping my Green Challenge going! I just wanted to pop by and let you know that I'm compiling everyone's responses on my blog. Great, simple ideas!