Thursday, April 30, 2009

#624: the makeup.

so these are the products that made the cut:
1) diorshow waterproof mascara.
2) urban decay eyeshadows.
3) make up forever eyelashes.
4) smashbox primer in light.

what i've learned.
1) makeup is damn expensive.
2) makeup is way fun to play with. but it takes time to apply. me = lazy.
3) but still. i should wear makeup more often. because it's fun.
4) there's a lot of stuff out there. it's like, crazy.
5) i toads need to practice before the wedding.


AmyJean said...

I have the EXACT SAME mindset... lol

Maggie said...

Ack I need to practice too. I have bought too many clumpy mascaras---is this one clump-free? If so, I'm off to Sephora.

vanessa said...

I loveee that urban decay eyeshadow color. Do you happen to know what it's called?

Also, did you have to trim the false eyelashes or did you use trhem full length?

Anonymous said... I thought about doing the mineral makeup starter kit.. haha. I love my I think it s covergirl?'s orange. the waterproof works excelent. I like the color shadow too. Have you done the false lashes before? Is it weird?

Stephanie Lyn said...

I can't do my own make-up. I get by, but I kindly asked my MOH if she would do my make-up for the engagement session this weekend. She is oh-so-talented at applying eyeshadow.

Anonymous said...

I plan to get my eyelashes tinted to avoid the whole clumpy mascara, black streaks down my cheeks thing! If you have longish lashes already, it is a great thing! Costs usually around $20 and lasts for weeks.

Laura said...

These are great stepmother is a make-up artist. She has taught me that if you know how to apply make-up then it takes no time at all. I think she tatoos make-up on here own face as well.

Can you imagine?

un-bride said...

Excellent products, all. You'll be an addict (like me) before you know it.

Penny Lane said...

I know you already have a primer, but if you want something that's REALLY gonna last, I recommend prescriptives primer. I just started using it, and I don't use it all over my face, just in the places the desperately need it (ie: really really oily) and it seriously controls any oil on my face for hours. I will never use another primer again.

I'm a HUGE fan of makeup, I used to do it for a living, and i've spent countless dollars and trial and errors trying to find what works, because, frankly, I like to pile it on my face daily. I just like looking completely flawless and makeup is so magical :)

I do have a word of advice, and that is to do your makeup heavier than you would on any other day. The reason being in your pictures you will look completely washed out if you don't. Makeup has to be done a special way to really show in pictures, which is kind of why actors/actresses look like drag queens on film/stage. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to not look like a clown, so if you have the opportunity definitely have a professional do it for you and then mimic their work. Take lots of digital pictures in all kinds of lighting, but especially in natural light, that way you can practice, practice, practice, and make sure it shows up on film!

Also, line and fill in your lips with pencil, wear lipstick, and go easy on the gloss! you don't want to be re-applying it the whole time.

one more thing: there is a powder called "Coty Airspun Luminous Powder" it comes in a green and white cardboard container and it costs like, $7.00. The container is HUGE too. This is the most amazing powder on earth, and the LUMINOUS (I say it in caps because you have to make sure it's the LUMINOUS translucent, there is just plain translucent) will give your skin a glow that's so beautiful! I use this powder everyday and it's not like putting glitter on your face, it's like, "wow, you're glowing, what IS your secret??" I promise it's worth every penny and is a must on your big day (I know I won't be without mine!).

You can find it here (walgreens), I believe, or at places like Rite Aid, Walmart, Kmart, and maybe CVS. You know, drug store type stores.

Penny Lane said...

sorry, that comment was like a blog in itself!

courtney said...

1) Smashbox primer is wonderful. If your skin is oily I would def suggest getting the oil free one- it's just as awesome.

2) Diorshow mascara is fantastic! My makeup person taught me (my sister did my wedding makeup but we needed some tricks) to use 2 different types of mascara with different shaped wands. She also said to always end in waterproof to "seal" them together. I didn't think it would do much, but using two mascaras with different brushes seriously makes your eyes pop and ending with waterproof kept it from smudging all night long!

have fun!!

Erika said...

I never wore makeup before my wedding, and then I plunked down a chunk of change on good stuff to do my own wedding makeup. And you know what? Now I wear it everyday and love it. Not the full-on wedding makeup everyday -- way to lazy to take the time. But still, it's nice.

Amanda said...

My mom and I went and bought out the entire Laura Mercier counter for my wedding makeup. Afterward we realized it would have been much cheaper just to hire someone for day of... but then I wouldn't have all this cool stuff to play with.

It's definitely a toss-up.

amber {daisy chain} said...

let me know how those eyelashes work out for you - I've been thinking I need some for a night out.

Tris said...

Ahahaha me too. I confess, I've never even been to Sephora, the makeup I do have is sample Clinique stuff that my sister gets and doesn't want, so she gives to me.

If I show up at Sephora, and say, "Hey, can someone show me how to do my make up and let me try a couple different looks," will they go for it?

Anonymous said...

A wedding photographer once gave me some GREAT advice: don't forget about your neck and chest when applying makeup. The lights catch the luminous particles in your makeup, and when your neck and chest are bare...they will appear much darker than your face.

connie j said...

I love Urban Decay Color: YDK. A cool (as in not warm) brown.

The Urban Cowboy color is very popular but a bit too glittery for me. I thought I liked glitter but my face is aging= glitter is not as wear-able.

My photographer suggests purples or brown eyeshadows for photos for blue eyed girls, fyi.

Mrs. Andi said...

I really like your ideas & the comments to this post. What did your skin look like afterwards to make you choose these products? I might have to try a few!

Julieann said...

Urban DECAY has been my favorite for years and what i used in my wedding because it STAYS IN PLACE!!!!

BE CAREFUL IF YOU USE GLITTER tends to spread onto cheeks and chest!

Ten Thousand Only said...

vanessa: sorry, i don't know the color of the eyeshadow! i just pulled the image off

re the eyelashes: i didn't trim them. i actually used them for the first time yesterday and thought they were too much. but i quickly got used to them and they actually don't look crazy in pictures.

i must say...i'm quite pleased with the makeup i purchased. i've 'practiced' twice now in the past week and it's been way fun.

now i need to figure out the hair stuff.

east side bride said...

toads. i <3 you.

The Perfect Pear l.l.c. - Jeremiah K said...

wow! great products! its worth it! you should put some make during your wedding but sometimes, I'd like to prefer not putting a make up, just plain simple old beauty.. not to much paint on the face! thats all! :)


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