Wednesday, April 29, 2009

#623: the timeline.

10:45am - ceremony begins.
11:30am - ceremony ends.
11:35am - cocktails + hors d'oeuvres hour.
12:15pm - slide show / our entrance / first dance.
12:30pm - lunch is served.
1:30pm - the toasts.
1:45pm - father daughter / mother son dance.
2:00pm - cake cutting / dessert is served.

this is the meat of it. no pun intended. heh.


holly p said...

sounds like a fabulous timeline to me!

christina said...

nice...i love that you are having a luncheon wedding. so chic.

Nicole said...

I dig the timeline

{The Perfect Palette} said...

great timeline.

Amanda B. Young said...

From a planning perspective... a couple concerns -- are you sure the ceremony is really going to be 45 minutes? That's a really long ceremony unless it's a Catholic wedding (since most Catholic weddings have a full mass as part of their ceremony).

Also, see this post about scheduling the reception items:

But, really these are just food for thought. At some point you have to tune everyone else's suggestions out and just have it however you want it! That's what really matters... I'm sure it will be fabulous regardless. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Really? Cocktails before noon?

The Perfect Pear l.l.c. - Jeremiah K said...

no doubt about it!


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