Thursday, October 30, 2008

#412: tip this.

our venue reminds me of 'semi homemade with sandra lee'. because it includes 95% of all-things-needed-for-a-wedding-reception, i (very brilliantly) will not have to hire outside what the venue already provides. instead, i can focus on tweaking small things here and there along the way to make the venue and the event reflective of "us".

and the best part? i won't have to carry around a big wad of cash on the day-of to tip multiple vendors. awe. some.

i will not be tipping (because i will not be using...):
a caterer
a makeup artist
a hairstylist
a florist
lighting specialists
linen people
chaircover people

am i missing anyone? the venue estimate is inclusive of 19% gratuity (servers, bartenders) so i don't think i need to tip anyone there, right?

wait, so does this mean i really have no one to tip on the day-of?

freaking awesome.

oh wait, i might hire a dj. who i'd then have to tip. but then again, i might just use an ipod.


MissAnn said...

Actually, the gratuity to the venue, I don't believe, is given as a tip to the servers. I have friends who cater at a golf course and they do not get a tip unless given one by the people throwing the party. So you might want to check who gets the "gratuity".

Caroline said...

Just as a thought, it never would occur to me to tip the people from whom I rented my linens or who did my lighting (not that I ever paid anyone to do such a thing). I feel like tips are not required for people who are independent contractors and set their own prices, either -- if they feel like they should be getting $50 more, they should charge $50 more. The servers it depends -- often for these catering type situations, they're getting a reasonable (ish) wage that assumes they won't be tipped, unlike servers at a restaurant where the wages are basically non-existant without tips. When I worked these events occasionally, a tip was always a welcome surprise but not something I *expected*. Many didn't tip, and I didn't necessarily hold it against them. (though if you make extensive demands and someone goes above and beyond to fulfill them, then yes --show your appreciation!)

Anyway, for many vendors, I think a thoughtful note telling them how much you appreciated their work and how they're welcome to use your testimonial is a better thanks. Let them know you'll tell all your friends. Free, unsolicited advertising on here is worth more than $50, I swear. :)

Kristen said...

Tip your photographer. Even if he (or she) is the primary business holder. They are going to be spending a LOT of time editing your pictures to make them awesome.

I'd check with your venue to make sure the tip will actually go to the servers. Just to be safe.

Anonymous said...

it's not a tip...but you'll have to pay your officiant/musicians something the day of... although I'm new to your blog so maybe you've covered that elsewhere?

Ten Thousand Only said...

1) i'll definitely check with the venue to clarify the tipping/ gratuity situation since our estimate includes servers, bartenders and a banquet manager.

2) hadn't thought of the photographer and the officiant. yes, both very important!

thank you thank you.

Guilty Secret said...

This is brilliant. I too have very few vendors, which has made for a rather easy planning process. Hotels that do the whole lot are so much easier!

Skeeta25 said...

I got these guideliines from the knot I think:

o Need some guidelines for gratuities? First, check if tips are included in the contract, then plan to give 15-20% of their total bill to the caterer, wait staff, bartenders, limo drivers, hairstylists, makeup artists, and manicurists. Offer DJs and musicians $25-50 each, parking attendants $1-2 per car, and be sure to place a sign so your guests know their valet tips have been handled. It's not necessary to tip some vendors, like your florist, seamstress, photographer, travel agent, or wedding planner but if they've done an exceptional job, a thoughtful gift is a nice touch.

Paisley said...

You have got me worried about tipping! Our venue includes catering, bartenders, and valets etc. That means I'm paying them gratuity so I'm not tipping them. Hairstylist I will tip, DJ is a guy who does this for fun so I hope I don't need to tip him, photographer, is one of my biggest expenses and the guy runs it out of his house do I really need to tip him? I'm not planning on tipping my florist either. I think we need some etiquette expert to clear this up!