Friday, October 3, 2008

#392: the dog did not eat my homework.

here's the round up of research conducted this week by yours truly in part thanks to you and your brilliance.

cliff's edge - left vm
ortolan - min buyout $15000
luna park - min buyout $10000
royal t - left vm
cafe metropol - waiting for pictures from the owner

additionally, i've contacted:
yamashiro - $12000 for 125 (food & alcohol)
savannah at the beach - $15000 for 125 (all inclusive)
bld - waiting for the events person to call me back
tesoro trattoria - left vm
bungalow club - emailing with owner (thanks sarah and dana!)
ca del sol - approx. $15000
the sunset restaurant - what was i thinking
westlake village inn - again, what was i thinking
greenside cafe - emailing with the coordinator


violarulz said...

I have an idea... what about a BYOB place and asking people to bring a bottle of wine with them to share. Bonus: you'd get to keep any unopened bottles!

Erica said...

Good for you doing your homework! Looks like a really good list. I hope one of those places is the best one for you (and you score an amazing deal!).

Meg said...

And to tie in with my comment on the previous pst... I think you are going to have a tough time doing a restaurant buyout for this many people in LA at night on $8K. Things you might want to think about: brunch, low key Mexican restaurant, weekday night, or just a picnic. Another problem with a restaurant? The liquor bill. I knew people that did a brunch buyout for 125, got a $8K bill, and were happy. That is, until they got the unexpected bill for the bar, which doubled the cost. And that was brunch. So.... It's tough when you are asking people to give up all other business on a weekend night. But you can compromise for sure.

Stephanie and Chris said...

I'm looking at Ca Del Sole & the Bungalow Club, too. Both look pretty decent price-wise, but have, like, totally different atmospheres! But as Meg said, the liquor bill adds up super quickly. Maybe you can have an open bar just during the cocktail hour, or ask if a wine/beer bar usually costs less than a full bar. My best friend just got married, and they didn't have a bar, just a champagne toast. People that wanted drinks went and bought them in another part of the restaurant (it wasn't a buyout). Kind of like a cash bar, but it wasn't at the actual reception. :)

Broke-ass Bride said...

Here's something - you can rent out Cafe Club Fais Do Do for not a ton of money. Not sure what their food/bev packages are, but you could buyout the kitchen for 5k and bring in your own food.... the space is begging for some decor, but it could be done pretty easily if you're smart... and you are.
Just a thought.

That said, I still can't recommend the Bungalow Club highly enough. Working with Anat has been really great, and the space is SO dreamy.

Lisa said...

this place has a gorgeous view and you will be surprised at the low price tag: Point Vicente Interpretive Center.