Tuesday, October 28, 2008

#410: hunting.

i plan to go hunting this weekend.

for stuff, that is.

because as you know, or maybe you don't know yet, i'm trying my best to stay away from doing the typical floral centerpiece arrangement thing.

1) i don't think i can afford a florist.
2) flowers die. (not to sound cynical. but it does make me feel better to say it over and over in my head.)
3) if i go the diy route, i'd rather do it over the next 7 months as opposed to hurting myself and those within arm's reach the day before the wedding.
4) and even if i'm capable of DOING IT ALL (far from it!) and SOMEhow magically arrange flower centerpieces the day before the wedding, there are no guarantees they'll come out any good. and i still may have to hurt someone afterward.

so for inspiration, i'm going to a flea market this weekend. a good trip will be if i actually buy something. but mostly, i'll be there to scope the scope and take some notes.

i'm hoping to find something kind of like this:

via aid to artisans.

or of course, this. hubba.


sweetfrenchtoast said...

I pretty much refuse to do floral centerpieces too, for the same reasons. I'm thinking of doing some paper flowers or paper puffball things and artfully arranging them in low vases. Good luck with your hunt!

mel said...

Non-floral centerpieces can be so much more interesting! I have a few options I'm looking into (a basket full of apples, growing my own philodendrens, or making flowers). I definitely cannot afford a florist, so the less I have to do with flowers myself, the better.

Good luck!

Bridechka said...

This is a great idea....I think non-floral centerpieces give the wedding a unique touch.

I love the chandeliers, they are fabulous... hubba is right!

terri said...

I definitely want to see what you come up with. I am having a daytime wedding as well, so I just don't think using candles will work as a non-flower alternative. I really don't want to spend a ton of money on flowers either. I'd love to see what you find.

Amanda said...

You should think about using moss in your centerpieces. That can look even better than flowers, it's hard to kill, and you can keep it around your place til the big day. I think earth friendly weddings recently did a post on some great moss centerpieces. Just a thought!

CTemp said...

i think it is great that you are doing something that is double purpose and won't die. if you can get something that can be used again, you are a great steward towards sustainability. nice work.


WestAussieWedding said...

Sounds good to me.
I think simple non-floral ones can be more effective.
I have been to weddings where you can't even see the people on the other side of the table because there is a bit floral mostrosity in the way.
I have thought about having goldfish in bowls as our table centrepeices. (However I am worried my rowdy cousins will get drunk and do something cruel.)
Fruit bowls always look fab and double up as healthy desert.
Feathers are beautiful and colourful.
I actually also like the idea of coloured glass water bottles and jugs- functional and pretty.

SmallgoodBride said...

We did dried flower arrangements in tea tins for our fall wedding. The dried flowers seemed to represent the season more, and we were able to assemble them weeks in advance.

I love non-floral arrangements though. Apples in baskets were my first impulse during planning.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should do some more research on your wedding here at your blog, but using fruit is definitely an option, and it can be donated post-wedding to a food bank that accepts fresh produce. It's a great way of utilizing nature's bounty and giving back to the community.

Guilty Secret said...

Cool. Non-floral centrepieces can be so much more interesting and creative anyway. Good luck finding cool stuff!

Caleb & Meredith said...

Fiance and I decided on our non-floral centerpieces this weekend and I couldn't be more relieved.
Just fyi: I some some bowls like those metal leaf bowls at Linens and Things (which is conveniently going out of business and everything is 10-40% off). With a budget of $12K, I definitely feel your pain, especially b/c we are getting married in Charleston where prices on everything are THROUGH the ROOF!
check out our website and blog...

Taylor said...

We're pretty much having zero flowers at the wedding, with the exception of a simple baby's breath bouquet for me, for the same reasons (that, and one of my BM has allergies). For all the non-centerpiece decorations, we're having living plants from my apartment that I repotted into some moss planters (we're doing a "nature" theme). The aisle decorations will be these pretty little signs made with birch bark, and half the centerpieces will use wood slices covered in moss with little bell jars with a few dried fern leaves under them. The other half of the centerpieces will use a woodsy cake stand from Target with something on top (not sure yet). Non-floral weddings are becoming very popular! Good luck!

Pretty Funny Girl said...

Have you checked out the website: saveoncrafts.com? Had it not been for this site, I don't know how I'd have centerpieces. Their prices are great and the quality of the product was as good as going to an actual craft store.