Saturday, October 11, 2008

#397: it's a centerpiece weekend.

who cares about flowers when you could have tiered chandeliers on your table.

step one: print this picture.
step two: find all listings for fairs, flea markets, antique sales in l.a.
step three: recruit peeps (1 per wknd) to go shopping with me.
step four: buy a bacon-wrapped hot dog or a taco truck burrito and lemonade as thanks.
step five: run 3 miles the next day to work off the calories.


Jenny.Lee said...

wow, these are gorgeous!

K! said...

step 6. post pictures so everyone can see your new centerpieces.

Guilty Secret said...

Centrepiece: gorgeous.

You: hilarious.

MichelleB said...

wow, the chandeliers are stunning! It makes everything look so chic! After my hubby bought me my diamond engagement ring from (btw ladies, tell your hubby to get you something nice there, trust me!) we decided to have a glitzy wedding with a budget too. From cupcakes with little pearl looking sprinkles to mini chandeliers across the hall. It's chic!

Alora said...

check out ikea. it's new but I bought a killer chandelier from there a month or so ago and it was 17 bucks. good luck!