Friday, June 19, 2009

#650: words are boring.

this blog is in serious need of some pictures. srsly.

ok. so i've done some mulling and i've made a decision. because that's what i do. make decisions. and if you're down with what i've decided, that's great. if you're not, i can't help you. but hopefully you're down. but if you're not, like i said, i can't help you.

but hopefully you are.

so. the question from the very beginning was...could we throw a $10,000 wedding.



...we didn't.


we came pretty close. yes, we went over, but not by much.

turns out, all of the research and planning, experimenting and testing...oh, and blogging...really paid off in the end. literally.

we're so...can't even find the right word...satisfied(??) with our final tally.

and do want to know the best feeling ever?

it's taking a look at the bottom line, and*t. we did it right. we rock.

and isn't that really the point.

that's all i'm going to say about that.

*EDIT: and by saying "that's all i'm going to say about that", i mean i will not be posting a GRAND TOTAL. and that i'm moving on from this topic.


Jah said...

i love your blog. i REALLY do. i started reading it 3 weeks ago, and started from the beginning just to see the journey.

i feel like today's post is a throwaway because we already knew you went over... we don't know anything more than we knew yesterday.

i consider myself a loyal reader... and knowing what i know from all your blogs, i just assumed it wasn't going to be by too much more than your goal... because of all your planning, researching, etc etc etc...

is any of this making sense?
that's a lot of ellipses (sorry).

i didn't get to put in my 2 cents in your previous post, but i'm one of the ones who want to know the total. in your earlier posts, you put up a breakdown of your budget-- which i think a lot of brides do. it would be nice to see what was actually spent.

i'm rambling!

Summary: Love the blog. Love the wedding photos. Love it all.

Put the total or not-- but please don't tease us with a post that looks like you'll have a grand-total-reveal at the end...

Crys said...

Just a thought...maybe you could use your original break down with what you were hoping to spend and just put "over" next to the places you went over and maybe "under" or "right on", I think you get the point:) Just a thought to meet more in the middle and help other brides with what might need more or less money than planned?

Crys said...

Forgot to add that I love your blog either way and hope you will find a way to continue to blog on something...

Anonymous said...

i got married last summer so a grand total doesn't really apply to me. however, one thing i liked about your blog is that it helped brides set expectations for what's possible with a budget. by not giving people at least a more specific range - like "under $15,000" or "under $20,000" - it makes the blog much less useful. there are so many unrealistic expectations set on people for what they should spend, and it would be nice to debunk that. considering that your blog was all about planning a wedding on a budget, it then seems sort of lame to not give the budget. please don't be offended, but you did name your blog for a reason! :)

un-bride said...

I just want to tell you how brave you are, to put yourself out there like this. If I had so many people telling me what to do with my blog, I'd spit. Or something. You do what's right for you, okay?

Abbie said...

I wouldn't worry about those that feel the need to drop you from their reader. That's their issue, in my opinion.

I think it's amazing that you were able to come close to your budget with everything that you included! I think it rocks how my inspiration there is in the blogisphere and am thankful I found so much to save some moolah for our wedding next month.

east side bride said...

Hooray! Don't shake the glitter off!

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