Monday, June 8, 2009

#644: dude.

so now that the big elephant question has been answered, could i push the dinero talk aside for a bit and just 'gurge about stuff? (like you have a choice.)

random thoughts:

1) you haven't seen my face yet. and i don't know if i want you to. there's something kind of freeing about running around this blog world anonymously. it's like, i can do anything i want, say whatever i want, care about myself and only myself. (you should try it sometime. it's fun.)

but indubitably, people (and by "people", i mean "people i know and who know me") will figure it out...even if i don't show my actual noggin. not because i'm popular (i only have like 150 friends on facebook. and yes, isn't that how you measure popularity these days?) but because. the world is small. los angeles is smaller. and the blog community (of which some of my friends are active participants) is even smaller than that.

fact: one of my friends found this blog and asked if it was me. really. srsly. to which i had to of course say "yes. but tell anyone about it and i'll cut you."

i didn't really say that.

2) there are a lot of things that went wrong at our wedding. i will share these with you first so we could boohaha together and get the boohaha-ing out of the way. oh, and also because i am a pessimist-slash-skeptic and this is what pessimist-slash-skeptics do: point out the bad stuff.

*the officiant left out a significant part of the program which caused some confusion when we were announced as husband and wife which then confused the guests who only caught on that the ceremony was over when we were already halfway down the aisle.

*the djs played a lot of the songs i had carefully taken off the song list and didn't play a lot of the songs i had added to the list.

*we only made the rounds to half of our guests during the reception because we were pulled away midway for the toasts...for which we had to wait for the best man anyways for 10 minutes afterwards because he was waiting for his wife. this happens to be my biggest regret of the entire day. we should have just continued making the rounds until the best man was really ready because by the time the toasts were over (and the father-daughter / mother-son dances immediately followed afterwards), most of the guests were either on the dance floor with us or were milling around the bar or were leaving. we didn't get group pictures with the rest of the tables.

*i had to whisper loudly to my sister after her speech to remind her to announce the father-daughter dance (she was distracted by this thing called emotion)...which she announced...and then whisper loudly again to remind her to also introduce the mother-son dance which was happening at the same time.

and...those are the ones i remember.

3) re: the mishaps --> on the day of, i only gave a sh*t for like half a second. i gave myself a quick talking to when these things happened so i wouldn't get too upset. quite proud of myself. if i do say so. myself.

oh cher...'if i could turn back time...' -- but i can't. so.

4) i danced. a lot. at times, i think i might have even been dancing by myself. clearly, i wasn't really paying attention, and clearly, i just really wanted to dance. so i did. whether there were 2 people on the dance floor (as in me and a person who just happened to be standing nearby) or 30 people on the dance floor, i danced. with 'em all. 'twas joyous.

5) dana got married. lady-blogger-friend is a gem...with positivity oozing out of her. she has been uber supportive during my sulkier times and following her journey has been equally as uplifting. wishing her and hunter the BESTEST EVER.

6) i kind of missed you guys while i was busy honeymooning. in a way only a rather obsessive blogger ever could.

7) so i'm married now. it's different but same.

i never said this post would have a point.


un-bride said...

Having a point is overrated. Congrats!! And welcome/thankgodyou're back.

Stephanie Lyn said...

you were missed. I love that you danced, then danced some more. Nothing is more fun.

Sweet Tea and Peonies said...

I'm pretty sure I just saw your pictures via Max and omg! Flaws of the day be damned, your pictures are glorious!

A.Mountain.Bride said...

so glad you're back too. geez i love this blog.

i'm hosting a *CONTEST* to win 125 FREE INVITATIONS...

and i think perhaps your other readers would get excited about that!

Logan said...

I think I just saw your pics on Max's blog. BEAUTIFUL!!! just beautiful!! Glad you're back! I love reading your blog.

Shari @ Pretty Chicky said...

I think I just saw some of your pics too! ( I recognized the decorations) U looked absolutely stunning!!!

Linda said...

Congrats! Glad you are back! Can't wait to hear the details.

Mo said...

You looked beautiful! It's been fun following you on your journey. =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing our your ambivalence about posting photos on here/your tenuous anonymity. I started my own blog kind of as a lark and I've been wondering the same sorts of things about posting photos once all is said and done.

All that said, I am looking forward to hearing more about your wedding--both the good and the bad!

Tiffany @ bride-on-purpose said...

Wow!! Congrats!! Love your wit, and especially. your. periods. (.). Soooo happy to hear you danced (especially by yourself... I love dancing by myself!!), and I can NOT wait to hear all about it!! of course pics would be awesome, but heh, let's face it, you have a way of narrating that would put us there with/without pics!! Congrats again!!

Anonymous said...

so glad your back! your pix are amazing. glad you did the red nails. looked sweet. ps. I did not know you are asian. & that you'd have such a neat name! & I totally love your veil!!! you looked so happy & beautiful in your pix!

Broke-ass Bride said...

Girl, thank you (I'm all blushing), and congrats to you as well! I've been dying for you to come back and share the deets! I can't get over what a beauty you are, either - you've been holding out!

Thank God You're Back. You sassy Mrs, you :)

talda said...

i rarely, if ever, have a point. such is mango.

but i'm so glad to hear you enjoyed your day and oh with the dancing! that's what i plan on doing when it's my turn. =)

Wickersham Events said...

Cute blog. Weddings NEVER go exactly as planned, but it sounds like you had a great time. Congrats.

.reese. said...

love hearing that i wasn't the only one who was dancing no matter what...and with no alcohol in me either. heck..over a year in planning; that day was gonna be the longest day i could make it. glad i danced the night away though.

can't wait to hear more!

Mollie D said...

You have to show us your face cuz I want to see pics from the wedding! I've been reading your blog for what feels like forever and you can't deny us pictures. It's my favorite part of following bride blogs is them finally getting married...

Congrats, sounds like it was a success!!

Jessebel said...

I don't have a problem posting a picture of myself...just actually taking them (too much work for me).

Things didn't go as planned for my recent wedding but like you, it didn't even register on the day of. Seeing how much fun our guests were having, it really made those problems inconsequential. Congrats to you and your husband!

Wife of a Fab Redneck said...

I just got married this past May and wish I had found your blog sooner! I haven't read it all yet but I'm enjoying it! Congrats to you guys!!!

I was also on a $10,000 budget. Did you actually stick to it?!?! I didn't. But thankfully we didn't go into debt over it either. We just used regular-every-day money here & there that REALLY added up! But no credit card spending or anything like that.

Anyways- congrats to you guys again and I can't wait to read the rest!!!

Robyn said...

Love your blog...have had it in my Google Reader for months and months. Just catching up on reading and I hope you don't mind if I ask this...If you could get a minor re-do and had the $$ to do so, would you go back and hire a Wedding Planner? Or at the very least a Day Of Coordinator? I ask because of course I AM one (!) but also, I am just curious, based on the "mishaps" of the day. FOR SURE no wedding is perfect or without some bumpy spots, even WITH a planner, but the ones you mentioned would have been a planner/coordinator's job to handle and/or ensure didn't happen at all. Honestly, I am wondering about this, because I LOVE how budget savvy you have been all along (which is why I read your blog!). Part of what I love to do for my Brides is help them save money whenever they can.
Just curious. I hope you'll respond! Oh, and CONGRATS MRS. $10K! :)

The Perfect Pear l.l.c. - Jeremiah K said...

kindah miss your posts hehe! but you here again! thanks to that! how was your honeymoon! hope things are great! ey! keep it up! look forward to your childrens! :D


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