Thursday, December 18, 2008

#463: garland love.

via frolic.

maybe i can make my own version in shades of white. or something.

edit: closed this post too soon.

because here's another beautiful garland that i can make.

via once wed.


i've decided. it's garland day everyday until i decide which garland to start working on for the ceremony space. and of course, your two cents is always appreciated.

this is a DIY project i can get behind. can't wait.


AmyJean said...

That sounds fun. i can't wait to see the design you decide on :)

talda said...

oooh garlands! i'm totally stealing this idea. so yes, please show more garland pictures. i'll toss in my two cents!

Elizabeth said...

Ooooh those are beautiful! I love this idea!

JD said...

What about these:



Anonymous said...

I vote for the pink garland style... looks a bit simpler to make but is just lovely... and once you start making a lot, you're going to appreciate simplicity!

K. said...

The city I live next to is called Garland!

Karen said...

love the pink garlands, I wonder if you could hand stretch it a little bit to make it frilly and ripply-looking.