Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#461: the aisle.

via pink by echo.

this is what i will be working with. well, minus the decorations.

i just did a quick 2-minute brainstorming session and had the following thoughts:
*no aisle
*no loose petals
*no christmas lights
*could they move that bust on the mantle
*if not, what could i cover it with
*hang ribbon or mini banners criss-crossed on the chandeliers
*or hang pomanders on the chandeliers
*candles on the ground seem dangerous
*so maybe put candles on the mantle, if any at all
*maybe no decorations would work best.

those of you who had an indoor ceremony setup, and particularly in dimmish lighting, how did you make it work for you?


Broke-ass Bride said...

If you love the warmth of candles, but fear fire, try farolitos - paper bags weighted with sand with candles inside. You can even do sweet cutouts in the bag for the light to come through.
I like the banners idea... check this out
You could fill the fireplace with candles so its not too warm but still glowing, or huge bunches of babys breath.
Just some thoughts...

Broke-ass Bride said...

PS - I'm using lanterns with LEDs to brighten up the dark dining room at our location... maybe you could get some uplighting?

Elizabeth said...

I love the idea of decorating from the chandeliers (with banners or pomanders). And of getting rid of/hiding the bust. Maybe use something reflective to decorate around the chandeliers to amplify their light? Like glass beads, crystals, or something metalic?

That mantle (and mirror) is a great focus for the room, so I like the idea of avoiding a lot of extra decoration. It's just a pretty space!

Another safer way to do candlelight is to use hurricane lamps. I know people usually use them outdoors to keep the flame lit, but I'd think they'd make an indoor fire safer too, since the flame is completely encased (you also wouldn't have to worry about long dresses getting too near the flames).

Jenny.Lee said...

Honestly the architecture is already so lovely on it's own I don't think you will need a whole lot unless you just want it. We were working with a very small space for our ceremony so a lot of candlelight worked really well for us.

Meg said...

Um, I love you. You're tone has grown so practical and grown up lately. It's been a fantastic shift to watch (not that you were impractical and immature before, but this process makes grown ups of us all, no?)

Anyway. Ha! Agreed! Candles on the ground do sound dangerous. Especially if you have a long dress, or god forbid, a train.

And it's going to be rad. Guaranteed.

Scuba Princess said...

Just something to consider... I know they have candles in the picture, but you may want to check with them and get it in writing- that you can even have candles indoors. I was told verbally that I could have candles and I bought hundreds online through a discount outlet. Then 2 days before my wedding (during the walk through) I was told I could not have candles and my contact denied ever saying I could. Apparently the fire marshal comes before each wedding and checks to make sure everything is up to code. Candles could only work if they were glued down to mirrors (tacky!) and the wax had to be a certain height below the votive. Oh vey! I almost had a meltdown! We ended up having to go and buy 100 of those LED fake candles to go in my votives. Anyway, just a suggestion to you- before you make any decisions and waste any of your money, get a list in writing of what you can and cant have at the venue. I went back and looked at pictures the venue had given me (with the brochures) and the candles in their pictures "were not up to code" so I guess you cant go by that.

Vanessa said...

I agree that you should check to make sure you definitely can use candles indoors. A few on the mantle and a few big clear vases with floating candles lining the aisle would be lovely! I also love you idea of hanging ribbons across the chandeliers.