Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#460: continuing the money talk.

what may be common sense for some may not be so obvious for others.

if you think you're in the latter category and could use some tips as you plan your wedding, give these a read:

1) ...via perfect bound.

2) ...via manolo for the brides.


AmyJean said...

also check out bridechka, she went to a workshop last week about how to get the most for your money for wedding planning. I have a post about it referring her as well!

Anonymous said...

I remember another bridal blog mentioning the workshop too. The author thought it slightly amusing that you would pay money to learn about saving money but like you said, we've all got to learn somewhere as budget savviness is not innate for some people! I was rather stunned by the cost breakdowns for the fancy NYC venues. I had read about NYC wedding costs but didn't quite appreciate the gravity of it all! Also, coat checks at a wedding event? La di da! If your guests have designer coats this would be necessary, I suppose.

Kristy said...

Great reads. Thanks for the links.

perfect bound said...

thanks for the link love. what a great workshop!