Monday, September 29, 2008

#385: talent within reach.

travis hoehne

enluce photography

brian khang

eight 20 photography

marlin munoz

weddingbee board #1
weddingbee board #2

and for you seattle brides:

jenny jimenez



Hi there. I just wanted to say hello and congratulations! It's a great thing your doing for all the brides out there and who says you have to spend a ton of cash to have an awesome and beautiful wedding.

Anonymous said...

I recently found your blog as I've started my own wedding searches. I love it! You are amazing for doing all of this research. And that budget? I'm hoping for the same thing.

paisana said...

Hi, long time lurker. Wanted to give you this tip: I was searching for a reception locale and I found a wine bar that will let me rent it out for the night for a cocktail-style reception for 110 for about $5k. I don't know how that fits into the rest of your budget, but it might be worth a shot! (also, this particuar bar is just down the street from a historic landmark that will allow you to have your ceremony there for basically free. Check into your local forest preserves and see what they can offer you!)

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY heart Travis Hoehne!! Too bad he's not down here in Texas...:(

ChewyJ said...

Love Marlin!!! He's our photog! =)