Wednesday, September 10, 2008

#366: sike. made you look.

literally moments after i thought we'd figured it out, i remembered that one of the fiance's groomsmen is expecting a baby. we were hazy on the details but after a few frantic-ish, quick emails, we found out the following:

due date...mid-february

the groomsman and wife and new baby are planning to move back to the states sometime between april and july. and if we stick with a february date, he will definitely not be able to join us.

so...fiance and i talked it out (again...) and agreed that we really want to accommodate his friend as much as is possible.

which means...we're back to considering april 25th. should we start taking bets as to whether that date will stick? let me be the first to say that i'd happily bet against myself.


so, last night, whilst thinking about the date changing back to april and becoming more hopeful about an outdoor affair, i drew up another guest list and stayed awake until 2 letting my mind do its crazies. i came up with a few ideas that i'll share with you on another post to get your thoughts. they're a bit outside the box and perhaps a bit etiquette-ly challenged (not unlike my grammar in this sentence) so i will definitely need your input.

but before that, i want to share with you an email exchange from last night.

fiance: When are you planning on moving back dude? I REALLY want you there.

groomsman: hard to say man. i really don't know exactly which month.... but i'd say: earliest - april/ latest - july...if you go with a date between april and july and i'm still living in oz, i'll fly in for the wedding dude. but anything earlier than april will be tough.

fiance: Ok. I really want to make this work. We're thinking April 25th. I'll let you know once this is finalized.

groomsman: cool bro. hope it works out for you...

fiance: By "work out for me" I hope you mean that you'll be there. I don't want to burden you with coming, but at the same time I just want you to know that you're one of a very small group of people I want to celebrate the occasion with me. By "bro" you are family. Love you man.


groomsman: can we have sex now?


AmyJean said...

Your FI reminds me of mine... i can see him being sentimental (which is sweet) but that it needs to be lightened with something funny (silly)... I admire and appreciate how much you guys really want his friend there. It's touching. I hope the date sticks!!! :)

Veronica said...

Guys are so hilarious lol! Hope it all works out =o)

TKC 16 said...

lmfao, that is sooo classic. i love it.

Meg said...

ohhh, bromance!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting married on April 25! We wanted great weather so we were looking around March/April in Florida and that's the only date our favorite venue was available.

Anonymous said...

April 25 is FI's bday and has always been a great day for us! Good luck!