Saturday, June 28, 2008

#323: venue love.

wow. what you're saying really like this venue.

so then i think you'll like what i have to share with you today:

1) the list of venues where i initially found this place (and the link to the actual venue).
2) my review of the scheduling experience and the aftermath of my in-person site visit. (i went! i saw!...)

i don't know about you guys. but i get really excited whenever i find a new list of venues. i really do. i've pored over countless lists and always think i've seen the last of 'em...but then i stumble upon another great resource and realize that i'm just being plain silly thinking i've researched everything i possibly ever could.

so to the first point, i found the gold room on the los angeles conservancy website. it has such a great list of places...well, that's just my opinion...and it's namely because after a year of researching (!!!), i managed to come across so many new names.

as to the second point, it was extremely easy to schedule an appointment. i met with the tour guide who was there on time and answered all of my questions (where are the restrooms? where can guests park? can you do rectangular tables? will there be an event in the auditorium at the same time?). as for the venue does look like the picture...but for some reason, it didn't give me the tug of the heart that i thought it would. so. i'm not totally sold.

...but i'm not knocking it off the list, either. hm.


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i think the venue is like the dress. when you find it you know. when i found mine, i immediately cancelled the rest of the appointments for the day b/c i juts KNEW. :)

Linda said...

You'll know when you find the right one. Keep looking.

Maria said...

Have you thought about women's clubs? The one in Santa Monica is really great.

amanda said...

sometimes it's nice to have one in your back pocket, to compare the rest to. i'm so glad you found some good stuff on the la conservancy site! i found a friend's wedding location there, as well as a couple i looked at (though not the one i ended up choosing) for my own.

one thing i did notice though, in my search... a place like the gold room, with a totally reasonable site fee, if they require you to use their caterer (which it looks like they do) can turn into a money pit FAST. it all depends on the caterer's pricing.

Meg said...

You know, it's weird, I'm not big on perfection, but I totally agree with the statement that when you find the right venue you will know. We did tons of research (we had to, our budget was limited). The first place we saw was really lovely, but didn't tug at my heart. The second place, I walked in and knew it was for us. We had some struggle booking it, but once we did, that was that. Everything else was cancelled, and we've never second geussed. Look for that feeling. And who cares what we think :)