Friday, June 20, 2008

#319: with the right belt.

on sale for $19.99 at delias

it's a little crazy metallic...but i don't know. for the right sort of themed wedding...casual, outdoor, grecian-y (?!)...with a super thin turquoise or dark purple belt, it could just possibly work for the 'maids.

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heather said...

This comment is about venues, not the dress (cute as it is!). I have a friend who had her daughters wedding in a theatre. NOt a cineplex 20 movies showing type of theatre, but an old time, downtown-with-a-stage-and gorgeous-curtains theatre. Looka round, the chairs are removable, the stage was gorgeous for the ceremony and doubled as the dance floor. She brought in a caterer for the food, and it was LOVERLY.