Sunday, June 8, 2008

#309: TAGGED! get to know the future mister.

got tagged by kate who is now also miss pomegranate over at wedding bee {congrats!}.

so i have to tell you five "fun" facts about the future mister. i say "fun" because depending on who's reading this, it could be "fun"...or "embarrassing".

photo that's the future mister stirring his biscotti.

1) he organizes my clothes because he can't stand that i don't care to organize them.
1.5) he folds his socks a certain way.
2) he wears flip flops that are a size too big for him. i'm not sure why but i think he inherited them from a friend and just hasn't bothered to get his own.
3) his favorite movies are 'jerry mcguire' and 'it's a wonderful life'. we like to sometimes point and look at each other sideways and pretend to have tears of love in our eyes the way cuba and tom do at the end of the movie.
4) he used to eat whatever was cheapest and most convenient (like homemade broccoli, egg, and siracha omelettes)...aka he was good at saving money. until he met me.
5) his REI black down vest had a little bit of feather sticking out; i pulled at it and made it even worse. now everyone notices it and asks if they could just fix it for him. he says no. (does this count as a fun fact?)

i tag...amber.

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Kate said...

Uhm, those homemade broccoli, egg and siracha omlettes sound MIGHTY tasty!