Sunday, June 8, 2008

#310: channel your chennergy.

chennergy weddings

reader latoya emailed me about her photographer whose portfolio not only brought a tear to mine eyes but who also offers up to 3 pro bono sessions per year to deserving brides. i know i've blogged about photogs who offer free sessions...

...but...this is different.

it's less of a competition (which tends to spotlight the photographer) and more of a real and heartfelt offer to provide brides with quality photography that would otherwise be unavailable to them. i think it's brilliant...particularly for those who are or who know someone especially deserving of something like this. spread the word. or apply.

RENTweddings- $0

We realize that not everyone can afford high-end wedding photography but that doesn't mean that people shouldn't deserve it. We remember what it was like not being able to afford rent, and making just enough to get by. If this is you, conventional wisdom would inform you not to get married until you were financially stable. Well, if you happen to be among the group of lovebirds that can't wait for conventional wisdom to get with it then we're here to help you. Getting married on a very tight budget or none at all? Chennergy Weddings allows for up to 3 pro bono weddings a year. Basically, we shoot for free, no premiums are charged, and you get all the images we take on a DVD. We also offer a majorly discounted pricelist for you guys too with all proceeds going to charity. If you would like to book a RENT wedding just shoot us an email with "RENTwedding" in the subject line. Remember this is only limited to 3x a year and is very competitive so be ready to give proof and explanation for why you'd like for us to photograph your wedding.

{thanks latoya...}


brittniwood said...

wow! what a great thing to do. it is so good to hear there are people out there like this.

Katie said...

thank you sincerely for posting this! I am one lucky girl! Dan Chen is amazing and so is his work! I can't wait until June 09!