Sunday, November 4, 2007

#211: what's in a party.

first of all, what's up with the 'sluttage' comments on the previous post? as with all things on this blog, i'm sharing an idea. and the idea was to offer a more affordable alternative to what is otherwise a brilliant design concept. you like it, great. you don't like it, that's fine too. but i doubt there are really any brides who go around touting 'i want my bm's to look like sluts!'. so come on now, no need to be nasty. that said, thank you to the commenters who offered up some great suggestions!

back to the topic at hand. so i've always enjoyed planning parties. it's like conducting an orchestra and when everything's sync'd up, it's just awesome. granted, i haven't planned a party for 100+ guests but i was thinking last night that it shouldn't be so stressful. details are important but so is your sanity, right? and it got me thinking. if you could only focus on 3 things for your big day, what would they be?

my top 3:
1) invitations/seating.
2) food and liquor.
3) music choice (for the ceremony and reception)

so then it's nice to think about what didn't make the cut...the dress/shoes, makeup/hair, favors, cake, centerpieces, programs, registry, flowers...and remember that as long as my top 3 are the BEST they could possibly be, the rest is just icing on the cake. so to speak.


molly said...

I think while the concept of the multi-purpose dress is great, those actual dresses weren't wedding appropriate. But I agree, there was no need to be rude.

Anonymous said...

I love invitations and paper, too. I am having such a hard time, though, spending money on something I love, that only a few people will keep. I've actually been thinking about doing e-invitations, or just postcards with e-mail rsvps...when I do my budget, it's like: "I could use this $200-500 on something else wonderful for my guests." How do you make it okay for yourself to spend money there? Any helpful hints or advice?