Tuesday, November 20, 2007

#217: more vases.

this is even cheaper than ikea. i searched on craigslist for vases and look at what i found. 22 mismatched glass vases ranging from small to large for ten bucks. TWENTY TWO VASES! for TEN BUCKS. and guess who totally digs the mismatched concept. this girl.

if i was planning a wedding, i'd be all over these vases. all over them.


Miss Artichoke said...

Honestly, I like the price and the concept, but I'd want some more stylish vases. Some of those are not so cute. But great idea! I'd also look in thrift shops too.

Angel said...

I've been scouring Craig's List for a friend who's getting married. Some of the stuff they have on their is cheap, but some of it is absolutely a steal (and looks great to boot). I wish I would have found it when I was planning mine.

molly said...

Such a good idea! I need hurricane vases and didn't even think of craigslist. Thank you!!!

* bicoastalite * said...

hi! just stumbled upon your site from another link and i love your ideas!! i'm also trying to plan a low-budget wedding and can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve! btw, i also started dreaming/planning my wedding before i was long engaged!


Melva said...

Sorry - these vases are the ones you get free when you order an arrangement over $30 from a florist. They definitely do not "stand alone" . They do come in handy if you want to put a bouquet in a non waterproof holder ( like a basket) and you hide them. I felt this was a real weak entry on an otherwise interesting site - - -