Wednesday, November 14, 2007

#215: preowned bargains.

i'm sure you've heard of the website the last time i checked the dresses on sale, i didn't like any of them. but the site must be gaining some steam because today, i was able to find a few i would definitely go for. you know, if i was engaged.


$500 (or best offer. use your bargaining skills!)

$400 (originally $4500!!!)


oh, and guess what. i was talking to one of my friends who's married and was lamenting about how "affordable" wedding dresses start at $1000 and how i could never comprehend buying a pile of white fabric for ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS to wear for a total of 5 hours in my life. and she offered me up her dress. oh yes, she did. you know, for when the time comes for me to get married. you know, after i get engaged. anyways, i told her i hope she meant it because i really might take her up on it. and she said "puh-leeeeease use my dress. it's just sitting in my closet..." score!


anne said...

I agree. Maybe I'm a cheap ass, but it just seems like so much money.

Sierra said...

I've had the exact same experience with that site, but these are beautiful! Where did you find the second one? I love it but can't find it anywhere on the site.

missv_md said...

question for you: after reading your post today- which i do on a regular basis (thank you!) i went over to and noticed that on its front page the headline says in big black letters: Asshole owns this website. What a pity. i'm assuming a very angry bride hacked into the website? i'm just wondering if this was normal. however the dresses you found are really beautiful.

Teana said...

i hope your friend was serious too because that's a fantastic offer! i like the first 2 dresses you showed, especially the one with the cap sleeve. of how i love the cap sleeves.

classic bride said...

darn. they must have fixed the site since missv_md's visit ... i was hoping to see the lovely slogan.

anyway, i love the idea of this post. it drives me nuts thinking i'm going to pay a fortune for a dress i'll only wear once! i've heard about dress rentals .. not sure i'm keen on that idea but it's a thought.

Ten Thousand Only said...

sierra: i searched by size 4 in the category for <$500. the dress is on the 2nd page, the first dress, the 2be bridal dress. i posted a different shot of the dress which is why you probably didn't recognize it! let us know if you get it!

Miss Artichoke said...

Sadly, they never have dresses in my size :( I although I looked their regularly while I was looking for my dress.
I got my dress off eBay. I couldn't afford to spend a $1000 on something I'll wear for a few hours. Good deals can be found out there!

Belle said...

I love this site and I check it almost daily. There are some beautiful things there, but some dresses are still pretty expensive, even as second hand.

-Belle Abroad

e said...

i sold my never worn or altered strapless lace dress for $450 on i paid $2100 for it (bad decision). it took 1 1/2 years to sell the dress.

i ended up buying a vera wang from a bridal outlet for $950.

i am so glad i never have to shop for a wedding dress again!

Nancy Swiezy said...

My sister found a hand made Couture dress in a thrift shop for $75.00.

Its mot where you shop, but what you buy!

I love brides that are creative with there ideas as as well as the budget.

Nancy Swiezy

A New York and Newport Affaire

Liz C. said...

Great blog. It's never too early to plan, as far as THIS wedding planner is concerned. I'm going to link to this from my blog.

autumn said...

Sigh, I wish you had more blogs up to read... I love your blog! Less having a life, more posting! *wink*

glaphre said...

Don't overlook the value of getting a used dress from a friend/family member/vintage store. I am going to wear my fiance's mother's dress which she wore in 1953 (similar to Grace Kelly's), and it's stunning. Before I figured this out, I bought a lovely 50s party dress from a vintage store in Portland, OR for $85 (battenburg lace, cap sleeves, adorned with sequins and pearls). I think there's absolutely no reason to pay thousands of dollars for a single dress. Love your site!