Monday, May 4, 2009

#628: "so, is it getting crazy?"

in a word, yes.

until now, i think i've been pretty zen about the whole thing. but we've entered the final stretch and i find myself running through about 10 different lists/ schedules/ charts in my head at any given moment.

so yes. it's crazy.

the main may to-do's:
*seating chart
*finish placecards

hm. doesn't seem too bad. but there are a lot of other little things. logistics. delegation. decisions.

btw. i know this blog has been uber self-absorbed for, oh, like forever, and then even more so for the past few months. but.

gotta get get. ok?

love you.


Liz @ McFargan: A Midwestern Matrimony said...

Are you sure you aren't living inside my head? :)

love-v said...

I love hearing that you're going crazy too. I've been reading and following your process because my own wedding is on the 30th, I'm going crazy now and it feels good to have a comrade.

Tip on a seating chart- the Martha Stewart website has a good online version that is easy to use and easy to customize. Adding guest names is the only downside, but you can rearrange people in a flash.

Mrs. Andi said...

Crazy seems to build...then disappear...then build & hopefully, vanish during the actual ceremony! Once you have the base in place, you should be good to go!

Anonymous said...

How's the vow-writing going We've been working on ours and it's way harder than I expected...

Bridechka said...

Good luck girl, I am sure you will get the madness in check :)

Julia said...

you're on the home stretch!!! you;ll be great - one day at a time

AmyJean said...

I love hearing about your wedding! :)

Twin Cities Bride said...

You blog is one I visit EVERY DAY. I'm 10 days away from my wedding and pretty much at the same point as you are. Too funny that you had three bigger things on your list but it is ALL those little things like, remember to bring this, and that, and give this to that person etc. that is going to be the end of my sanity. Good luck with everything and I dito the Martha Stewart Seating chart tool. So far, so good.

solange said...

My wedding is in 11 days and I can definitely relate. Most of the big things done, but the little things are hard to keep track of.
Two weeks ago I found Todoist, ato-do list thingie and it has been a lifesaver. Nothing to download, you can access your lists online from any computer, print and categorize as needed.

Use it here:

talda said...

oooh but you're so close! it's to be expected that things would get crazy. good luck sorting through it all though i'm sure you'll be able to with no problem :)

Melissa said...

I love hearing about your wedding too. Best of luck to you with the rest of your planning :)

Anonymous said...

I got a lot of inspiration for our ceremony and vows from The people on the "kvetch" section really had some beautiful, funny, and sweet examples posted. It was a life saver.

I'm trying to use the seating chart on So far, it's ok. I think it'll be hard no matter what program I use :(

I agree with Mrs. Andi...craziness ebbs and flows. I hope it's not too crazy for you in this last month.

Also, thanks for your blog, it's been a tremendous support and source of inspiration for me during the craziness. Thank you.

{The Perfect Palette} said...

gosh I dont envy you! I bet it is crazy!

PixelChic said...

I was much the same. but my worries WERE founded, and justified. If someone isn't assigned a task, it won't get done.

Funny thing though... the things that are on the lists don't matter nearly as much as the things that aren't.

YOU WILL GET MARRIED AND IT WILL BE AMAZING even if none of the stuff you plan and organise actually gets done.

As for the running... good luck but be careful!. I tried my hardest to lose my belly, but lost my boobs instead. So had a beautiful dress that was tight in the middle and too big on top.

But I still got married, and my hubby didn't realise my dress wasn't perfect...

Enjoy the next few weeks.

The Sale Rack said...

i just got engaged and already hit a nutty moment! i love reading your posts.

The Perfect Pear l.l.c. - Jeremiah K said...

I'm getting so excited about your wedding, cant wait for that day, how it will turn out.. good luck with the planning and stuff. :)


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