Saturday, May 31, 2008

#307: inspiration.

from the brides cafe.

i love the fresh cool romantic spicy fun passionate vibe these colors exude. i'm totally convincing myself about this whole 'jewel-colored' theme i got going on here. what do you think? yes? does this excitement mean i've found 'the colors' of my day?


scamps said...

Don't be surprised if you find yourself changing your mind on colors about, oh, a billion times!

Dubbs said...

me diggs jewel tones, but consider picking a couple colors to focus on. when more colors are involved and there's no big budget to support all the elements you'd end up envying, it may become harder to pull off the a feeling that things are tied together.

Villain Extraordinaire said...

I think the dark magenta and lighter pink would look great with a dark purple or green or blue. Beautiful choice!I had planned originally on peacock feather colors (but not "peacock" the aqua-y blue) but then saw dark red and powder blue together and fell in love. Two pinks and one other complement would be lovely for you!

Anonymous said...

the colors of these programs reminded me of your jewel tone theme! so bright and fun -

Anonymous said...

and that clearly didn't work -

Sorry the link wouldn't fit!