Tuesday, May 13, 2008

#291: the malibu dream.


i emailed these folks too. as much as i like the convenience of hotel or restaurant receptions, i also want to keep my mind and eyes open for something that could possibly be more...intimate...casual...home-y...a place that would maybe allow me to orchestrate a reception that would be more...my own...less...cookie cutter.

i don't have high hopes because i doubt they'd be cool with 100 people walking around the property for a night...but it doesn't hurt to ask. *crosses fingers vehemently*


Caroline said...

You'd be surprised - a lot of places will let you for a small additional fee. Ask if that's an option.

Naama said...

Don't know what, exactly, you're looking for, but an off-the-beaten-path venue in LA is Heritage Square Museum. It's in Highland Park (just outside Eagle Rock). 100-150 people is $2400, which, in researching wedding venues in LA for my own, just isn't that bad (I'm getting married there in a week!)... The pros - they are VERY flexible, as it's a huge space that just doesn't get a lot of traffic (hardly anyone knows about it), and they'll give tours of the historic homes during your cocktail hour. Cons - you have to bring in everything (including generators, which are surprisingly inexpensive, actually), and it's beer and wine only (which actually turned out to be a pro, for us, as it was a decision we didn't have to make and cut our costs down significantly).

Congratulations, and good luck!