Saturday, May 31, 2008

#306: jewel-toned goodness.

ok. i don't know if i spilled this to you yet...but as of late, i've been strangely drawn to jewel-toned anythings. i love that burst of pinks with purples with fuschias with dark reds with creams with a little bit of teal. and after i just blogged about mrs. lime's venue, i had to see more of it. and look what i found.

michael norwood photography via mrs. lime

yeah? yeah??


k. said...

Dude. Based on her recaps (and the estate was on my list of venues in the early stages of planning), the Clark Estate could be THE SPOT.

k. said...

Okay - So excuse the double-post. I really should learn to read blogs in chronological order, rather than from new to old.

Anyway-checking in on my friends on offbeatbride, I found info about the Center for Energetic Healing in Simi Valley. I know, kind of far, and kind of odd to put on a invitation, but check this out:

Look up Stephanie R's

amber said...

Birght + happy colors = gorgeous wedding (and pictures!)