Friday, May 30, 2008

#303: oy.

i've been searching and searching. and searching.

it's proving tre difficult to find a house that is at the same time affordable and willing to accommodate a backyard seated reception for 100 people.


anyone have suggestions as to other 'vacation rental' websites i could scour?

on a positive note, i've been slightly re-thinking my reception vision...akin to the tune events. i've been to...oh, about 100 of them...and they're always a joy not only because you end up happily toasted but also because you get to taste a little bit of everything. and also the same thing several times over, if you happen to really like it!

the pros:
*lots of food options - caters to any and all finicky palates
*promotes mingling (and hopefully laughter)
*less stuffy
*no seating cards (or charts...or headaches creating the seating cards and charts)
*fewer tables that can be ornately decorated


kaitl said...

try for more rental options

tina said...

Congratulations on your engagement!

I am doing a cocktail party with heavy passed hors d'oeuvres (here's our menu.

I am excited about the party and style, but there are a lot of hidden costs -- wait staff, vessels for the different types of food, etc. If you go this route, try restaurants or traditional venues. We didn't do that and the rentals are more than the food!

Also, there are a lot more decisions to make when you're trying to be funky and minimal. :)

amanda said...

definitely have some bridesmaids! even if they don't help out in the planning part of things, you'll be glad to have your girls around you the day/week of the wedding to help you stay calm and take up some of the slack on all the last-minute stuff. i went to a friend's wedding recently who didn't have a bridal party to speak of and both bride and groom spent a good portion of the day stressing about details they shouldn't have had to stress about on their big day!

Anonymous said...

k. said...

Ask caterers for info about stations. You know the set-up - a classy way of saying "appetizer buffet". That would rock! Then, your money would go toward food and rentals rather than waitstaff if you did a passed hors d'oeuvres reception.

Erica said...

Try for great house rental options - we almost used a house from there, but ended up going with a cultural center instead.

amber said...

try this site for options

not sure where you want to be married, but a few friends of mine have used this home rental company and they've found homes for around $2500 - gorgeous one's at that!

Cora said...

You could try HomeAway . I've known several to people to find vacation homes there and they've all been happy.
Good luck