Saturday, January 12, 2008

#241: copycat.

saw this photo on a knot bio feature on faye and greer and had an immediate reaction of...MUST. KNOW. MORE.

knottie graceface's look and vibe, complete with the bolero, is what i'd want to copy if i were getting married during a cold month. which is what i think i want to do. actually...which i think will do...once i get engaged.

and...not only is her look totally inspirational, but her dress also only cost $199, originally $2000.

which then led me to the site where she bought her dress, which then led me to this richard tyler gown:

originally $2800, now $899.

admittedly, $899 is probably more than i could spend on my dress...but this is the first time i've come across this site and now i have yet another resource for discounted dresses. happy hunting!

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