Saturday, January 12, 2008

#239: dress me in white. (or ivory)

let me tell you something i learned today courtesy of amber who's behind the lovely daisy chain (btw, i learn so much from her.). i know you all know about lucky magazine. you know, the one with all the clothes and accessories and shoes and quite often takes you to a place called why-can't-i-afford-it-i-want-it-so-bad? well...apparently lucky holds an annual sale in NY of all of the coveted items featured in the mag throughout the year. they slash prices and probably giggle with glee as New Yorkers stumble over themselves to try to get their hands on something. well, now they want to spread the love and have teamed up with bluefly to sell their stuff online. so you and i and any other non-NY girl-next-door can get a piece of the action. awesome, right?

however, the sale may be over or i may not be searching correctly. i click on the lucky link and then i'm directed to bluefly and when i try to shop the lucky sale, i'm taken back to the lucky link! huh.

so, not one to think it through and figure it out, i decided to instead search for white and ivory dresses...for style inspiration and also to help me on my quest to set a realistic dress $$$ benchmark. because i want to spend (almost) close to nothing but still look and feel fabulous.

abs for $229.99

abs for $189.99

abs for $339

next, i'm going to look to add to my collection of winter coats, inspired by e.

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