Wednesday, January 9, 2008

#237: do you like to mambo.

style "mambo" by calligrapher e. danae.

i'm not a calligrapher by any means. but i love to write. as in, write on paper with a no. 2 pencil or fine tip ink pen. i love drawing them squiggly pretty lines. most people would go berzerk writing just to write. writing empty words, the same thing over and over again. but not me. i love it. unfortunately, my cursive is of only one style, a style that has developed over time since i first learned how to connect letters together with a thin wisp of a line in the 3rd grade.

so...i'm thinking of taking a calligraphy class. i think i remember reading somewhere that they offer them at paper source. does anyone have experience or feedback about classes i can take in the bay area?

side note: my favorite self-proclaimed bridesmaidzilla in the entire blog universe is the author behind the great esty wedding blog (which is where i first read about e. danae). there is something so karmically wonderful about committing to solely featuring and supporting indie artists. gives me the warmsies.


S'mee said...

Calligraphy. Essentially the big deal with calligraphers is that they tend to be like magicians, "ooooh, it's magical and difficult and we never tell our secrets!"

As one of them let me tell you,it's so freaking easy that you'll wonder what took you so long to take the class in the first place. Like sex and the piano, it just takes practice.

The big trick is allowing the pen to stay at a certain angle, which ever one is necessary for the font you'll be using. Move your hand, but don't twist your fingers to form the letters, the nib (pen tip)will do the work for you.

More than likely they will teach you a form of Italics or Old English first. Go to B&N or other good book store and grab a copy of

"The Speedball Textbook, A comprehensive guide to pen and brush lettering".

It's a small soft cover handbook that gives you the basics and great great technique to practice. Read through it, do some practice sheets and see if it's for you. Either way, it will support your class instruction and be a good resource for later.

alissa said...

I got a 'learn calligraphy' book-it had little kit of beginner pens and everything. And I've just been practicing away. I'm the same way- I just love to write, so I haven't found it very hard (although I dont really stick to the standard anyway-just start making it my own!)-you should try it. A class would definitely be helpful for the more advanced stuff though...

onesmallstar said...

side note love!! that is just one of the nicest kindest things ever. thank you *so* much for the ginormous compliment -- the feeling is mutual!

i wish i could... calligraph? calligraphite? write pretty too... a class sounds fun! am eager to hear what you find...

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