Friday, January 4, 2008

#234: HOLY SH*T #3!

ok seriously, what is this. WHY AM I NOT GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR??? (uh...just kidding bf...)

is a wedding planner important? ABSOLUTELY.
will i be able to fit one in my budget? MAYBE.
if an accredited planner was offering her services free of charge to a lucky couple, would i be all over it? HELLS YES!

the planners at blue orchid designs are offering just that.

so go ahead...give them your story. or give them your friend's story. somebody just do something. puhlease.


Jessica said...

This is great, but there doesn't seem to be a way to enter on the Blue Orchid site.

Ten Thousand Only said...

jessica, if you click onto their site via the link i provided on this post and scroll down, the deets are clearly outlined...including this tidbit on how to enter:

*All entries must be emailed to info{at} with the subject line "Wedding Day Giveaway"

GOOD LUCK if you're entering for yourself or your friend! let me know what happens!

Wendy said...

That will be one lucky bride!! I will have to read about the contest. When you get engaged- call me! We can work out a deal!! And thanks for the re-enforcement about using a planner. Why would anyone take chances with their wedding day?!