Thursday, May 31, 2007

#8: crafts.

i heart crafts. i really do. but it's hard to find projects that fit. here's an idea that's fun, fabulous, and totally manageable.

stenciling (miss lemon of weddingbee):
Step #1: Find a design, print it out, and tape it on a piece of cardboard. Place a piece of transparency on top of the design and cut out the stencil using an Exacto knife.
Step #2: Place a piece of cardboard in your shirt, and position the stencil on the shirt and secure it firmly with tape.
Step #3: Apply the ink. I used Speedball screenprinting ink in gold ($4.45 at Dick Blick) and a simple craft paint roller to apply the ink. It made the design come out with a fun graffitti look to it that I really liked.
Step #4: Remove the stencil, wait for the shirt to dry and then secure it with heat (iron it on the opposite side). Ta Da!

she used this project to stencil motifs on tanks for the gals and 'team bride/groom' shirts for everyone to wear to rehearsal. cute!

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