Monday, October 19, 2009

#675: my hair. and the piece.

i never had a hair trial and so i never knew what my hair was actually going to look like on the day of our wedding. it's probably because i knew i was going to be doing my own hair and makeup and could never be bothered to do a hair trial...for myself. dunno why. maybe, something to do with like laziness or something?

sans a hair trial, i carried a color copy of my inspiration to the bathroom on the morning of and...just wung it.

first, i blow-dried my hair and set in the same curlers i've been using since 10th grade.

then, while the curlers were doing their thing, i did my own makeup. complete with lovely fake eyelashes. they were looooooooooooooong and lovely and made me feel a little crazy and slightly glamorous.

and THEN, when the curlers cooled, i took 'em out and threw a million bobby pins at my sister who then pinned and pinned. whilst she pinned, i stared. at the gigantic fake eyelashes that were glued yay close to my eyes.

and then we all had a joyous hairspraying party to ensure my hairs wouldn't become loose.

and of course. the headpiece. well, you all know the story behind that.

i don't have any professional pictures of myself getting ready but here are some pics of the result. none from the front -- because i'm shy.

there's really no lesson here. just pretty pictures. but if anything, i hope this inspires those of you who are getting your hair and makeup done only because you think you HAVE to as opposed to NEEDING to. to give it a second thought.

for me, DIY was 110% the right decision.

all photos by max wanger.


Wedding invitation said...

Good photography:)
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Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Lovely pictures! I especially love the last one! I totally commend you for doing your own hair because it definitely looks professional. We found a low-priced option and it worked really well for me. I had a hairpiece too! That was one of the most exciting parts of my ensemble!

cupcake wedding said...

You look great. And I love the straps on your dress.

I plan to do my own hair, too, but some of my bridesmaids and friends have started making comments about how crazy that is. I'll send them this link. ;)

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I agree...your hair turned out fabulous! Happy to have you back in blog land!

Picasso Perfect Photography said...

Those pictures are wonderful!!!!

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Mrs. B said...

Looks lovely :)

Missa said...

AMAZING! You looked stunning and I'm so happy that you did your own hair & makeup. Sorta like giving a nice big middle finger to the crazy stylists that charge upwards of $250 for "bridal hair" that looks like it was spackled together.

I wish I had the guts to do my own hair...maybe I will give myself a trial this weekend...because I'm actually thinking of a similar silhouette as your with my hair, lots of curls and volume, low bun-esque-style.

But I will be doing my own makeup definitely which will be such a great way to create a sense of normalcy on my wedding day.

I adore your hairpiece. Where did you find it?

jah said...

what brand/kind of fake eyelashes did you use? I have the shortest asian lashes ever [which my mom cut as a child cuz she SWORE it was getting in my eyes and would actually make them grow longer (it didn't)-- she did it on my brother and it worked!]

i've tried a few but it's always nice to know what other ppl use... also, i suck at gluing them on-- any tips?

Anonymous said...

I wish I had your mad hair skills. Your photographs are the dreamiest! Can't wait for more recaps.

jessica lynn said...

omg you are a rockstar. i cannot believe 1) you didnt have a trial and 2) you did it yourself with the help of your sister. holy cow. the result is and was BEAUTIFUL!

Micki said...

Wow. I like your style! You are so non-consumed about things that most brides would FA-REAK over. Great job!

Miss T said...

I want to do my own hair too... but I think I'm too chicken. I can barely do a pony tail!

Your hair however looks fabulous. And I love the image in my head of you and your sister and all the bobby pins!

Dying to know more about the fake eyelashes - are they hard to do?

Love your blog ;o)

the un-bride said...

I am so loving your recaps -- you may even inspire me to resume my own.

And another woot! to a fellow bride who tackled her own hair & make-up. You're pretty.

Julie Ann said...

I'm so happy that your wedding went the way you'd hoped, from the flowers, to the hair and make the amazing phtography!
Who cares if you didn't perfectly meet a budget?! Your wedding was just the way you wanted it!