Monday, October 12, 2009

#673: bits and pieces.

it's been almost five months and the nitty gritty details are starting to escape me. oops. i should have written down all of my feelings, reviews, and other stuffs as soon as it was over...or even a month after it all happened...but. i'm not that diligent. and it got busy.

but it's all good. because our photog caught all the details that needed to be captured.

plus, you know, i will forever remember what i need to remember.

us. by max.

so i've been thinking about how to go about recapping. and i've decided i'm just going to wing it.


p.s. totally don't fit into my wedding dress anymore. nope.


Missa said...

Haha, that's awesome that you don't fit into your wedding dress anymore. I am SO looking forward to our honeymoon in Savannah & Charleston. We're gonna get so fat, haha.

I'm not even trying to lose weight now, but lost like 7 pounds since I got engaged, most likely from the elevated heartbeat that accompanies wedding planning stress. Wheee :)

Penny Lane said...

i'm so glad you're back! even for just sporadic moments...your blog is forever one of my favorites. <3

don't even worry about the dress. you'll never have to wear it again. you looked beautiful in it. and it's probably nice to just indulge a little bit after all the stress and chaos of the wedding, right?

can't wait to see more pictures. :)

Princess Christy said...

LOVE it! Please please please - MORE!

east side bride said...

hee hee. you tried on your dress.

Anonymous said...

keep them coming -- i've been missing your blog!!!

L.Vega said...

I'm so glad you're back too! I already got married and STILL reading the wedding blogs. You are absolutely one of my favorites.

About the dress, no worries. My mom used to say that happy people gain weight. If it's true, then I'm really happy after my wedding. Hope you are too!

Loopy said...

LOL! I totally didn't fit in mine either! (I bought it 2 yrs before the wedding - do not recommend). Ended p stuffing my self into spanx AND a corset! Worked out pretty good!
P.S. And hey! welcome back!

Loopy said...

Gah... Then I realized you already HAD your wedding (ah silly me). So I'm thinking stuff it & keep it on a mannequin! (and say... remember when I fit into that?). Le sigh.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Well the happiness of the beginning and the present still remain right?

I freaking love looking at wedding pictures, the dress that doesn't fit me either, and the crazy good times at the wedding. Would love to see more Max pictures!