Sunday, April 6, 2008

#278: burlap.

from daisy chain.

i would imagine burlap to be a rather cheap, i mean economical, and possibly 'green' way to add some texture to invitations. particularly if you're having a rustic or outdoorsy affair.

question is...where oh where could you get your hands on recycled burlap?


amber said...

love the idea! I don't know about the recycled stuff, but I have used burlap for my last 2 parties to cover tables. I get it at Joannes fabric and it's super cheap, I covered 2 long rectangular tables for about $12.

Vanessa said...

I've toyed with the idea of a burlap runner for the tables, but hadn't thought of cool!

Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

I would love to see old, re-used burlap sacks from beans or grains or coffee. A lot of times they have neat printing or logos on them.

Anonymous said...

Second the burlap sacks from roasteries. Serveral local ones here in Portland have piles for the public to take. Though I have not used them for a neat craft project yet. I have used them in the yard as a weed barrier.

Hannah from SoCal said...

I recently received an invitation complete with a small burlap sack (it actually fit inside a regular envelope). Inside the sack was two sticks of gum (for the ride) A photo of the reception and ceremony site (for identification) and a really cute map (from I think.

I have to find out where my friend got them, because they are soooo cute!

kk said...

i used burlap on my invites!
(sorry, i know this is an old post).

the paper was recycled,
the burlap was not.

love it!

we're doing white table clothes with green table runners and burlap napkins (a much finer burlap) to mimic the invites.

i'll let you know when i find said bullk burlap for napkin.

kk said...

oh no my link didn't work.

if interested go to

then invites

then down to
"lime in the coconut"
is the name of ours.