Tuesday, April 1, 2008

#273: save $500!

i know. i'm in sales for a living. can you tell?

photo by matthew nistor photography.

amanda's hubs (the bride of post #271) is a photog building his portfolio. his going rate is $1,000 but for you folks getting married in april in new york, email them at matthew@matthewnistor.com and if available, he'll come shoot your day for $500.

i think something like this is a great opportunity to add a second photographer to your list of vendors. photography is going to earn the top spot when it comes time to start setting priorities. or maybe #2, only behind food. so the opportunity to get a fresh eye to capture moments my {faux} primary photog might not get, for $500...you'd best believe i'd be all over it.

good luck!


The Unbride said...

Just one thing to consider, be sure to check with your primary photographer before hiring a 2nd shooter. Many wedding photographers require that they are the only professional photographer hired for the wedding day.

Ten Thousand Only said...

wow...great point. this is something i definitely didn't know!

thanks so much for the tip!

olivierlalin said...

May I just point you to a little article I wrote a few days ago about wedding photography today! A few things left once the big affair is over. Your Husband, beautiful memories and hopefully some great wedding photos to make up for all the small and larger moments that you missed on!

Jenna (Madsen) Lerfald said...

I saw one photo you had posted by Aaron Almendrahl and I have to tell you - we used him for our wedding in January 2008 and we LOVED him!! We had the BEST time and our photos are incredible. We get comments all the time on how amazing they turned out. Aaron is an amazing photographer - I would tell everyone to snap him up before the rest of the city discovers him and his prices skyrocket - at $800 for an 8 hour day, he's a STEAL. I can't say enough good things about him!!

Anonymous said...

As a wedding photographer who reads your blog daily, I have to completely disagree with this "budget" idea.

99% of photographers have a "sole photographer" clause in their contract. This means if you hire another photographer in addition to the primary for your event, the primary can walk out. I don't know one photographer who would be OK with another photographer showing up at their wedding.

However, most photographers do offer 2nd photographers, but they are people they have worked with and trust. The cost is about $500, [varies depending on the photographer], and they work together. It's a great way to get shots from different angles and a different pair of eyes.