Thursday, April 3, 2008

#275: becky kelso.

$6270 becky kelso ring.

i heard that $10,000/carat is about the norm for a decent diamond. *?!?!?!?!?!?!* maybe a rose cut diamond doesn't cost as much because the 1-carat ring above by becky kelso will only set you back $6,270.

must be hard to be a guy shopping for an e-ring. so many choices, so much money to be spent.

...not to say we ladies aren't worth it. *wink*


dapotato said...

not completely true - depends on the 4 c's of the diamond, its overall quality, and how much your retailer marks it up. my e-ring was much less than that per carat for a good quality center stone and similar quality sidestones.

beautiful ring.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree. Where ever you heard $10,000 per carat for a 'quality diamond,' they not being truthful. These are probably the same people who tell you that a guy who spends less than two months of his salary on your ring doesn't love you enough (that's a lie, too).

Amanda said...

I think that may be the norm if someone wants to say how much their ring costs to someone else. To me, 10K is just rediculious at this time in my life.

I have been searcing for antique style diamonds (art decko) which are beautiful. Some, of course less or more than 10K.

Cute-sie for $4,550:


Abi said...

That $10,000 actually refers to retail prices. You can get a v. nice 1 carat stone for 1/2 that if you go wholesale.

erica said...

an eye-clean, colorless I-SI1 1ct will cost about $5600 on a reputable online site.

if you're a stickler for color and clarity (the cut will be as ideal as the other stone), a G-VS1 1ct will cost $9700.

of course, if you go to Tiffany and buy a 1ct, you will pay about $10,000 for an I-VS2.

rose-cut diamonds are a completely different look than a modern round brilliant. i love all diamonds, and it's really fun to get into the science/math of them.

that said, diamonds chip, fall out, get lost, etc. do you really want $10,000 on your hand? i do, but not everyone feels the same way.

i love antique cuts and settings, but a really nice quality one will cost just as much as a modern stone and setting.

melanie said...

i am way behind as i was trolling the archives, but i had to chime in as my fiance gave me a becky kelso moonstone ring as my engagement ring!!! i am in love with it, get tons of compliments and much to his pleasure, with my not being a diamond girl, my ring was under $1000.